The Same Government Making It Easier For Vulnerable People To Kill Themselves With State Assistance Is Forcing People Into Quarantine Hotels To Avoid A Virus

What ‘unites’ these two seemingly contradictory impulses? Both put the government in control.

In poignant remarks, Conservative MP Mark Strahl shared his thoughts on upcoming changes to state-assisted suicide legislation in Bill C7 that are likely to pass today:

“I believe there will be a time when future Parliamentarians will stand up and apologize for what is about to happen later today when the Liberal government votes to make it easier for people with mental illness and disabilities to take their own lives. It is a tragedy.”

The unelected Senate has stripped provisions that would have better protected people with mental health issues and physical disabilities, which has alarmed advocates for those in need.

As a result, it will become easier for people to convince others to end their lives, as they will be able to offer up state-sanctioned assisted suicide as a ‘fix’ for people who are struggling.

The implications here are brutal, and it highlights what I think is a very disturbing contradiction.

On one hand, the Trudeau government is making it easier for people to kill themselves with state assistance, while simultaneously throwing people into quarantine prison hotels to avoid a virus.

A virus that – while it can cause serious damage and has taken many lives – has a high likelihood of being survived by those who get it, is something that individuals should be able to decide their own level of risk about.

Yet, the federal government, and provincial governments, have made unprecedented interventions, shutting down countless businesses, infringing on our civil liberties, and expanding the role of state power. They have denied people the choice to freely pick their level of risk.

Meanwhile, they are making it far easier for people – even those in vulnerable situations who could be coerced by others – to make their choice about ending their lives.

How can we make sense of this seeming absurdity?

Personally, I think it’s all about control.

The government forcing people into quarantine hotels and shutting down businesses puts the government in control.

The government expanding state-sanctioned suicide also puts the government in control.

There seems to be no consistent ideology at play here, as the government will claim they are ‘saving lives’ on the one hand as they expand death on the other, but both things put the government and politicians in control of more Canadians.

So, I guess there is a ‘consistent ideology’ after all: More control.

Instead, we should be moving towards a government that has a reduced role, and that defends our rights and our self-determination, rather than putting themselves in control of every aspect of our lives.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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