France, Germany, Italy, & Spain Among Latest Countries To Suspend Distribution Of AstraZeneca Vaccine

Multiple nations have suspended the AstraZeneca vaccine to investigate reports of blood clots.

France & Germany are the latest nations to ban the use of the AstraZeneca Wuhan Virus Vaccine, amid reports of blood clots.

The German health regulator had called for an investigation after seven reports of blood clots in the brains of those who had received the vaccine.

The country called it “purely a precautionary measure.”

French President Emmanuel Macron said France will suspend distribution of the vaccine until Tuesday at the earliest, awaiting a recommendation from the European Medicines Agency.

The AstraZeneca vaccine has also been halted by Italy, Thailand, Denmark, Norway, The Congo, Bulgaria, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, and the Netherlands.

AstraZeneca and the WHO claim the vaccine is safe.

Justin Trudeau has also said Canada has no plans to halt the vaccine, despite the actions being taken by a growing number of nations.

As some have noted, with Canada having fallen behind many of our peer nations in terms of vaccine delivery, the Trudeau government seems unwilling to look into it.

“Canada is far behind on vaccinations so it is not surprising that Trudeau is insisting on using a subpar vaccine that many countries are now suspending even when several superior vaccines exist.”

Notably, the AstraZeneca vaccine isn’t even currently in use in the United States.

Canada should be suspending the AstraZeneca vaccine until an independent review is conducted.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube