Time For A Massive Housecleaning Of Canada’s Military Leadership

At the end of the day, the point of the military is to protect Canada. Instead, it is mired in constant scandal and is unable to recruit enough people. How long can we treat our national defence with such disregard and disdain?

Let’s take an honest look at the state of Canada’s military:

The Canadian Armed Forces’ public image has been shattered, with multiple commanders resigning under a cloud of scandal.

The Canadian Armed Forces’ only seems to get in the news when there is a story about internal chaos or people being mistreated.

Recruitment goals are being missed.

Procurement is a mess.

Political correctness is rampant.

Veterans are still mistreated.

Many Canadians simply don’t care about the military.

In short, the situation for the armed forces right now is about as bad as possible.

While there are certainly still many good personnel in the various branches of the CAF, the leadership and overall direction of the institution has been completely untethered from the one job of the military:

Protecting Canada.

That’s why there must be a total housecleaning in the armed forces.

But this housecleaning can’t be based on political correctness.

Canada needs tough and focused people to lead the armed forces, people willing to be honest about the job of the military and the kind of people needed to do that job.

The military must once again be seen as something that is a source of pride for Canadians, rather than a source of scandal.

Of course, given the current government, this is likely to get worse before it gets better.

And, given the propensity Canada’s politicians of all stripes have to spend big on everything except the defence of the country, it is likely that we won’t see the CAF improve until there is a broader awakening to the fact that the world is still unfortunately a dangerous place, especially with China’s continued military expansion.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube