Majority Of Canadians Want To Boycott Beijing Olympics

Negative views towards China remain at record low.

A new Angus Reid survey shows Canadians maintaining record-low views towards China, and a majority wanting Canada to boycott the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Just 14% of Canadians have a positive view towards China, matching the record-low from 2020.

Just 2% say they have a ‘very favourable’ view of China.

It’s a whopping drop from 2017, when 48% of Canadians had a positive view of China.

By contrast, 77% have an unfavourable view of China, with nearly half of Canadians (47%), expressing a ‘very unfavourable’ view of the country.

China Olympics Boycott

The survey shows 34% of Canadians ‘strongly agree’ that “Canadians (athletes, coaches, fans etc.) should boycott the 2022 Olympics in Beijing”.

21% agree, for a total of 55% wanting a boycott.

By contrast, 20% disagree, and 7% strongly disagree.

That leaves 17% without an expressed opinion, and those in favour of a boycott have a 28 point advantage over those who oppose one.

Boycotting the Olympics in China would send a message that Canada won’t be part of a propaganda campaign that will be meant to distract attention from China’s actions, and our country should make it clear we will not take part.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube