Trudeau Government Giving Your Taxpayer Money To Group Co-Founded By Former Liberal MP That’s Pushing China’s Line On Uyghur Genocide

Groups pushing political agendas should do so entirely on their own dime.

According to a concerning National Post report, the Trudeau government has given $160,000 in taxpayers dollars to an organization pushing China’s propaganda line on the Uyghur genocide.

“A Toronto-based community group that has received more than $160,000 in federal funding has again issued a statement echoing China’s official line on a contentious issue, this time condemning Parliament’s recent Uyghur-genocide motion.”

It called the motion on China’s genocide of the Uyghurs – which passed unanimously with support from all parties – a result of “ignorance and prejudice,” and said it would lead to “far-reaching” damage to Canada’s relations with China (as if it could get any worse).

Unsurprisingly, the group the Council of Newcomer Organizations –  just so happens to have been co-founded by a former Liberal MP, and has pushed China’s propaganda line in the past as well:

“In August 2019, the group co-founded by former Liberal MP Geng Tan published an advertisement that harshly criticized pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, suggesting they were colluding with foreign powers.”

The federal government gave the group $25,000 seven months after that statement was issued.

As noted in the report, it seems that no Canadian groups supporting human rights in China are getting Canadian government support.

So, Canadian taxpayers are in effect being used to push the Chinese Communist Party propaganda line, without even having a choice.

This shows two big problems:

First, groups pushing political agendas should never be getting taxpayer money.

Second, it is clear that Canada has been subject to large-scale influence by the Chinese Communist Party, influence which is now apparently being aided by the Canadian government through the distribution of our tax dollars.

This shameful situation must end.

Our tax dollars should never go towards pushing propaganda for the Chinese Communist Party.

Spencer Fernando

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