Canada Should Cut Foreign Aid & Redirect The Money Towards Ending Boil Water Advisories

We can’t justify giving money taken from taxpayers to foreign countries when we have serious problems here at home.

Yesterday, I Tweeted an idea the Conservatives should embrace:

“The Conservatives should propose slashing foreign aid and redirecting a few billion dollars to finally ending all boil water advisories in Indigenous communities. But that would be a creative and attention-grabbing move, so of course it won’t happen.”

Right now, there are people in our own country who lack something as basic as clean drinking water.

It’s been going on for decades, and successive governments have promised to do something, and then failed to end the problem, with every ‘deadline’ pushed back over and over again.

Yet, at the very same time, politicians claim we have enough money to send to foreign countries.

How can we not have enough money to end all the boil water advisories, yet somehow have the money to fix problems outside of Canada?

It comes down to priorities, and too many politicians in Canada prioritize the attention they get from giving money away, rather than doing the actual job of helping Canadians.

CPC avoids creative ideas

While the CPC should embrace the idea I presented, they will likely choose to go in another direction. If history is any indicator, they will pick a policy that upsets many of their core supporters, while failing to win over the public.

And it seems that’s already happening, with O’Toole saying a Conservative government wouldn’t reduce foreign aid spending.

Another opportunity missed to help Canadians and break out of the political box the Conservatives find themselves in.

Spencer Fernando


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