Poilievre Rips Bank Of Canada Money Printing

“Mansion-dwelling aristocrats” are benefitting, while the rest of Canadians struggle with higher prices.

Conservative jobs & industry critic Pierre Poilievre is one of the few politicians addressing the underlying problems facing Canada’s economy, including the out-of-control money printing of the Bank of Canada.

In a series of Tweets, Poilievre ripped the Bank of Canada, and pointed out how absurd it is that housing prices keep going up:

“The Bank of Canada’s money printing has inflated the wealth of mansion-dwelling aristocrats while driving up food and housing prices for everyone else.”

“So GDP drops $100B (reducing the earnings people use to buy houses) & population growth plummets (reducing the number of new buyers). And yet, real estate prices… balloon. How long until this bubble economy bursts?”

The fact is, true wealth cannot be created by simply printing more money.

With Canada’s productivity struggling, debt ballooning, and a federal government that imposes policies that often restricts, rather than promotes, GDP growth, our country is being put further and further into a dangerous financial situation.

Spencer Fernando