When Will Canadians Have Enough Of Our Country Being So Reliant On Others?

There is no reason why Canada should be so lacking in self-sufficiency, yet here we are.

Canada is increasingly reliant on foreign countries for just about everything.

Our wildly inflated housing market is juiced in large part by massive foreign investment (much of it from China).

We can’t make our own vaccines.

We can’t produce enough of our own PPE.

We import energy from places like Saudi Arabia, despite having a gigantic amount of energy reserves.

We don’t manufacture much here anymore.

Most of our advanced technology is made in foreign countries.

We constantly hear about how all we can do is rely on the US to help the two Michaels.

Our military depends almost entirely on things made in the US and Europe.

And it has reached humiliating proportions.

The Trudeau government bragged about how they had ‘secured the most vaccines per capita,’ but we have instead been desperately trying to get our hands on whatever we can, while other countries push far ahead.

Canada has had to import everything from Europe and India, and now the US plans to give Canada 1.5 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, a vaccine which isn’t even yet approved for use in the United States.

When will people get tired of this?

Despite our nation being perhaps the most-well placed on earth – living next to the biggest economy, in an alliance of like-minded democratic nations, defended to the North by the tough-to-traverse arctic, and on our coasts by immense oceans, we lag behind many nations that are in a tougher position.

Again, perhaps no nation has been so blessed as us in terms of resources, so our reliance on foreign countries is quite stunning.

It comes down to an attitude, an attitude of always watching and waiting to see what others do, rather than Canada taking initiative or acting in an independent way.

While some say this is because of our small population, there are plenty of smaller countries that punch well-above their weight.

Ironically, Saudi Arabia is an example (not a positive one), a country with about 34 million people that is incredibly influential. And they certainly don’t try to ruin their own energy sector.

Israel and Taiwan are two democratic nations with a strong national defence that are respected by allies and adversaries alike.

Even Australia often seems to play a bigger role in the world than Canada, despite their much smaller population.

In short, this is an issue of attitude.

For too long our country has been characterized by a ‘nice’ attitude of submissiveness, giving our initiative away.

That needs to change.

There are tremendous opportunities for Canada to seize, but that won’t happen unless we become more assertive, and gain confidence in our own ability to direct our future, rather than always waiting for others.

Spencer Fernando


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