A Conservative Convention Delegate Pushes Back on Media Spin Around Climate Change Motion

“To make conservative delegates out to be climate deniers is completely false” says Josie Prosdocimo.

Following a vote by Conservative delegates to reject (by a margin of 54%-46%), a policy statement on climate change, much of the media coverage has accused the Conservative Party of being so-called ‘climate deniers.’

However, that narrative has been pushed without hearing from actual Conservative Party delegates on what took place at the convention.

Josie Prosdocimo was one of those delegates and is seeking to share her perspective on the policy statement and media coverage.

The following was written by Josie Prosdocimo:

I don’t speak for all delegates, but I did serve as a delegate this conference.  I believe that social/environmental policy and fiscal responsibility can co-exist and am deeply concerned about the stigma that has been placed upon Conservatives by the media and left leaning parties.

The truth is that the vast majority of Conservative Canadians are upstanding hard-working people – kind, inclusive and giving to their communities.  That is what people should think of when someone says they are conservative and if it is not, it’s an issue.

Reasons I am critical of the Media coverage of the conference:

Media sources are stating that CPC and its members refuse to acknowledge that climate change is real because they voted against modification to add those words to policy.

This is incorrect for multiple reasons.

  1. It was framed in a such way that made it appear that this was a net new policy. This is completely false- the policy already existed.  Delegates were asked to vote on modification of the existing policy based on the additions represented by underscore – all other parts of the policy already existed.  Including the following statement.  “The Conservative Party believes the responsible exploration, development, conservation and renewal of our environment are vital to our continued well-being as a nation and as individuals” – hardly a “climate denying” statement.

See below:

  1. Given the above statement and the policy discussion below it is very clear that there was no denying that climate change is real.

See 1:37:44: This was the policy debate for this motion.


  1. It is important to remember that delegates are regular Canadians who took time out of their lives to serve a civic duty, they voted for several policy and constitutional items put before them in a very short time frame. The word delegate is often used by media in such a way that misrepresents the identity of those involved.  In this convention there were many rookies like me – which should be noted and celebrated – not demonized.  It is important that we encourage more people to participate – this negative coverage discourages grassroots involvement at a time where it should be encouraged.

What must change moving forward?

This media coverage lends credence to the unfair bias that exists (and they have in large part created and supported) toward Conservatives -and lends to an unfair narrative of who conservatives are, as people, as Canadians.  I would like to encourage all conservative Canadians to be more vocal about the judgement, and social stigma that has been placed on them and share their core Canadian values.

We must challenge the false narratives and ensure that others understand that Conservatives are Canadian people who believe in the balance of social/environmental responsibility and fiscal responsibility.  That Fiscal responsibility is something that the other mainstream parties have chosen to abandon completely.  This abandonment has caused a myriad of issues in our society.

Financial security and mental health are directly related – by abandoning this reality our government has contributed to the decline in mental health of Canadians.

As a first-time delegate, I raised this question at a one of the panel discussion.  (Also putting to bed the conspiracy that the questions being answered were not of the delegates and were pre-picked) In 50:48 of this video I ask the question of what we can do to change the narrative that conservatism has a negative connotation and that the word conservative often has the stigma of being a 4 letter word.  Below is Leslyn Lewis reading my question about this topic and the response provided.


Finally, we mustn’t let the editorial that is carefully scripted to suit this false narrative to shape our opinions and those of the others.  I encourage people to go to direct sources like the ones below and familiarize themselves with the direct coverage of the events.

www.CPAC.ca – they have all the coverage of live events;

www.cpc21.ca – all the voting results are available there

I am also happy to answer any questions from my own experience and am on twitter as @canadian_josie  .”