VIDEO: Ford Says “No Politician In This Country Will Disagree With Their Chief Medical Officer,” But Top Official Said “I Just Say Whatever They Write Down For Me”

So politicians claim they have to do what the medical officials say, but medical officials say what they’re told to say by a bureaucracy controlled by politicians…

A mash-up of a clip from Ontario Premier Doug Ford, and Associate Medical Officer of Health Dr. Barbara Yaffe is spreading, with people pointing out a seemingly notable paradox:

On the one hand, Ford says no politician in Canada will disagree with top government health officials, implying it would be the equivalent of political suicide.

But on the other hand, Yaffe is seen – in a clip from December 2020 – admitting she just says what she’s told to say:

Who would be telling her what to say?

Political communications staff, working for the Ontario government, a government controlled by the Premier of Ontario.

At least Ford admitted what most have long-suspected:

Politicians are in the end responsible for lockdowns and the draconian restrictions they’ve imposed, and have merely hid behind top health officials to try and confuse the public about where responsibility actually lies.

Further, rather than basing every decision on ‘the science,’ political concerns have been part of it every step of the way.

After all, we’ve often seen that certain groups are able to lobby for changes to restrictions, but if all restrictions were based on ironclad science, how could they ever be altered?

This is why so many people have lost trust in the government. Advice has changed repeatedly, has been contradictory, has punished some at the expense of others, and there have been underlying political motives the whole way through, while politicians ripped into anyone with a differing opinion.

Those in power have shown they cannot be trusted with all the power they wield.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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