After Years Of Calling Canada Racist, Trudeau Is Upset Someone Called The Quebec Government Racist

If it’s ‘Quebec bashing’ to accuse the Quebec provincial government of being racist, then Trudeau has been ‘Canada bashing’ this entire time.

Justin Trudeau seems to love nothing more than getting some tears to well up in his eyes and solemnly apologizing for Canada’s past.

He has no problem calling Canada’s history racist and prejudiced, and even accused Canada of being complicit in an ongoing genocide – which would of course include the time he’s been in power as well.

Here’s a clip of him calling the Parliament building itself an example of colonialism and discrimination:

“Trudeau literally says the exact same thing about the Canadian federal government, yet he want to tell other people to shut up? Why not taking his own damned advice.”

Yet, when a professor at the University of Ottawa, Amir Attaran, said “The nation of Quebec is led by a white supremacist government,” Trudeau jumped in to denounce him:

“Enough of the Quebec bashing,” said Trudeau.

Of course, when Attaran has ripped other provinces, including Alberta, Trudeau was silent.

When Attaran said “Royal Canadian Mounted Pigs,” Trudeau was silent.

If Trudeau thinks what Attaran said is ‘Quebec bashing,’ then Trudeau has been ‘Canada bashing’ this entire time.

The hypocrisy is disgraceful, and this different treatment for Quebec compared to other provinces – particularly provinces in Western Canada – is a big part of why Canada continues to become more and more divided.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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