HYPOCRISY: If Amir Attaran Is ‘Quebec Bashing,’ Then Justin Trudeau Has Been ‘Canada Bashing’ For Years

The PM can’t have it both ways on this one.

As we recently saw, Justin Trudeau decided to weigh in on comments by a University of Ottawa professor, and accuse him of Quebec bashing:

“Yet, when a professor at the University of Ottawa, Amir Attaran, said “The nation of Quebec is led by a white supremacist government,” Trudeau jumped in to denounce him:

“Enough of the Quebec bashing,” said Trudeau.

Of course, when Attaran has ripped other provinces, including Alberta, Trudeau was silent.

When Attaran said “Royal Canadian Mounted Pigs,” Trudeau was silent.

If Trudeau thinks what Attaran said is ‘Quebec bashing,’ then Trudeau has been ‘Canada bashing’ this entire time.”

Trudeau has been ‘Canada bashing’ for years

A huge part of Justin Trudeau’s political shtick is how he loves to apologize for everything Canada did, but rarely takes responsibility for his own actions.

He’s thrown Canada under the proverbial bus time and time again, regularly saying Canada is racist, saying the country is nothing but a ‘colonial’ legacy, and casting Canadian history in the most negative terms, rather than a more balanced approach of acknowledging both the good and the bad.

And, when people call him out on it, he often insinuates that they are prejudiced or racist.

Yet, when someone claims the Quebec government is racist, Trudeau jumped in immediately to denounce those remarks, with no nuance, and none of the ‘historical apologizing’ we usually see.

This should be a big wakeup call for Trudeau fans both outside and within Quebec.

For those outside Quebec, they can see that Trudeau’s woke posturing is exactly, a political move designed to shame Canada to make Trudeau look better and win him some votes.

And for those inside Quebec, they can see that Trudeau is willing to say anything to try and win them over – which is actually a sign of disrespect, in contrast to being honest about what you really stand for.

In short, Trudeau’s hypocrisy is disgraceful here, as he’s shown himself willing to ‘Canada bash’ constantly if he thinks it’ll boost his image, with no regard to the damage he does to the country and the internal divisions he is provoking.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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