VIDEO: Trudeau Struggles To Give Guarantees On Whether Canadian Vaccine Shipments From EU & India Will Be Held Back Or Not

The ‘hope for the best’ approach still seems to be in place…

With mounting reports that restrictions on vaccine deliveries from both the EU and India could take place – due to those countries prioritizing their domestic vaccine rollouts – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked about whether Canada would see our shipments held back.

He struggled to give a clear answer.

Conservative Health Critic Michelle Rempel Garner asked Trudeau separately about both countries, and he strangely seemed almost unprepared for the questions, despite having known – or at least should have known – it would be asked about.

You can watch the exchange below:

“WATCH: Justin Trudeau can’t say for sure whether Canada’s vaccine supply will be held back by the EU or India”

Unfortunately, this apparent lack of preparation is nothing new.

We’ve seen the Trudeau government basically operate on a ‘hope for the best’ strategy throughout this crisis, starting back when they downplayed the risk and said border controls were racist.

While hoping for the best may be nice, a real government can’t operate that way, and must be prepared for contingencies and boost self-sufficiency, rather than put virtue-signalling ahead of the national interest.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter