WATCH: Trudeau Repeatedly Dodges Questions On How Much His Family Got From WE

“With this Prime Minister, charity begins at home. His home.”

Since today is Wednesday, the PM spends a portion of time answering questions put towards him.

It’s a great idea in theory, but there’s only one small problem:

Trudeau often just ignores the questions entirely.

Usually, when a politician has no good answer, they’ll use the ole “what Canadians are really focused on” trick of simply talking about something else entirely, without even any pretext of linking the question and the answer together.

And that’s what Justin Trudeau did when confronted by Pierre Poilievre’s questions on how much Trudeau’s family got from the WE Charity.

Poilievre noted that there are some contradictory figures surrounding that question, and asked Trudeau to clear it up.

Instead, Trudeau flat out dodged the question entirely.

You can watch it below:

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube