Liberals Ripped For Disgraceful Attack On Poilievre

They Tweeted, then deleted a cropped photo of Poilievre trying to smear him as a racist, before getting a massive backlash.

There must be an election coming up, because the Liberals are playing the ‘racism card.’

As we know well, the Liberal ‘Sunny Ways’ message is nothing more than a cover for their willingness to demonize any of their opponents, even when they need lies and deception to do it.

And their attempt to demonize Poilievre was truly appalling.

Here’s a screenshot of what they Tweeted:

This is sick.

It’s also incredibly stupid.

They used a cropped photo of Poilievre – who was walking with his daughter in the original picture as people have noted – and then try accusing him of being a white supremacist.


And then, for the stupid part, they seem to have no idea how ubiquitous the raised fist is as a symbol of protest and defiance.

As you can see below, the sweater Poilievre was wearing is worn by people of all backgrounds who support Canada’s oil & gas sector:

People were quick to push back on the disgusting Liberal attack, starting with Poilievre’s wife Anaida Poilievre:

“¡@liberal_party dice que mi marido es racista! Soy su esposa; venezolana de piel morena orgullosa de mis raíces. Hablo español a nuestra hija, cocino arepas y pabellón criollo. Nuestro hogar es multicultural tal Canadá. Te amo mi amor @PierrePoilievre. ¡Sigue la lucha por Canadá!”


“@liberal_party says my husband is racist! I am his wife; Venezuelan with brown skin proud of my roots. I speak Spanish to our daughter, I cook arepas and Creole pavilion. Our home is multicultural such Canada. I love you my love@PierrePoilievre. Continue the fight for Canada!”

“The @liberal_party calling@PierrePoilievre a white supremacist?! How low and grotesque. An apology would be nice even if civilized tolerance of opposition is beyond their capacity. Liberals continue to erode our democracy one brick at a time.”

“His white fist? He’s white. What’s he supposed to do, borrow Justin’s blackface makeup? Furthermore, this despicable tweet was created by cropping a photo of Pierre with his young daughter. What a despicable attack by Justin Trudeau’s”

Unsurprisingly, the establishment media has ignored this story, refusing to call out the disgusting attacks being launched by the Liberals.

It’s also no surprise the Liberals launched this attack after Poilievre was so effective in exposing the Liberals in the WE Scandal recently.

Clearly, the press will let the Liberals get away with whatever they want, allowing false and one-sided narratives to go unchallenged.

That’s why people like us who value the truth and independent thinking must push back and hold them accountable.

Spencer Fernando

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