Notorious Diversity Makeup Enthusiast Justin Trudeau Has Yet To Apologize For Liberals’ Racial Attack On Poilievre & Energy Sector Supporters

The Liberal Party still somehow seems clueless as to how little credibility they have given Trudeau’s enthusiasm for blackface.

Justin Trudeau – known throughout the world for his enthusiastic embrace of diversity-themed dress up – has still yet to apologize for a Tweet by a Liberal riding association that made insane race-based attacks on Pierre Poilievre and demonized energy sector supporters.

Here’s what the Liberals had Tweeted:

They deleted the Tweet, yet diversity-makeup aficionado has yet to apologize:

“A Liberal Party tweet slandered this multicultural group founded by this Métis man to champion diversity in the energy sector. The tweet disparaged Fort Mac & falsely alleged racism.

Trudeau & Local Liberal, Chris Rodgers must apologize to these workers for this appalling lie.”

Of course, the Liberals hold themselves to a completely different standard.

Trudeau claims to be all about ‘inclusivity’ but he and some in his party are glad to use race to divide people when they see a chance to gain a political advantage.

Spencer Fernando


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