WHAT? Dr. Theresa Tam Claims Early “Low-Risk” Claim For Virus Was Correct

Among the biggest mistakes made by those in charge was to downplay the virus when it could have been dealt with or mitigated, only to then go entirely the other way and impose draconian lockdowns.

Dr. Theresa Tam inexplicably doubled-down on her early-pandemic claim that the risk from the Wuhan Virus was “low-risk,” a claim that was completely demolished by further events.

Here’s what Tam said about her claim that the virus was “low-risk”:

“It was not wrong, it’s just that it is important to also provide what that future state might be like,” said Tam, adding that public health agencies “need to be prediction organizations and not just being able to assess the risk of that present moment.”

This is absurd.

It is an objective fact that the claim the virus was “low-risk” was a huge mistake.

If you run a public health agency, and a virus is spreading, it is part of your job to accurately prepare for what could took place in the future, rather than focusing on political narratives.

It also echoes what the WHO was saying, at a time when the WHO was listening to China.

Of course, as we well-know, China was banning flights from Wuhan to the rest of China, while still allowing flights out of Wuhan to the rest of the world.

And officials like Trudeau, Hajdu, and Tam were more interested in talking about their opposition to border closures and the fear of ‘racism’ and ‘stigma,’ rather than protecting the country.

Amazingly, they didn’t want to be harsh or tough on people outside of Canada, but then pushed for brutal and draconian measures on Canadian Citizens – once the ‘low-risk’ virus had entered the country and spread.

This refusal to admit a clear and obvious mistake will only further erode confidence in officials who got things wrong over and over and over again.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube