Trudeau Government To Weaken Law That Restricts Individuals With Sicknesses & Disabilities From Immigrating To Canada

The governments own figures predict that this could lead to a large increase in healthcare costs.

The Trudeau government is planning to change a rule that restricts people with illnesses and disabilities from immigrating to Canada.

According to a report, “The federal government plans to permanently change the so-called “medical inadmissibility rule” against prospective permanent and temporary migrants who have a health condition that “might reasonably be expected to cause excessive demand” on Canadian health or social services.

The excessive demand cost is linked to average Canadian per capita health and social services. The cost threshold against migrants is updated yearly. In 2020, it was set at $21,204.”

On the official government page the Canada Gazette, the government claimed the current restrictions – which the Liberals have already weakened – were not ‘inclusive.’

“The original policy on excessive demand on health and social services, as currently reflected in the Regulations, is not aligned with the Government of Canada’s position that inclusion and diversity benefit Canadian society. The assessment of costs for certain services (including special education, social and vocational rehabilitation services, and personal support services) creates a barrier to immigration for persons with disabilities. The policy treats these costs as a burden to society, rather than as investments that enable participation, inclusion, and positive contributions. As a result, the current Regulations may unintentionally exclude persons with disabilities, who with the support of these services, might otherwise contribute to Canadian society, for example, by attending school, obtaining employment or volunteering their talents.”

Compassion goes both ways

This is the kind of thing the Trudeau government loves to do.

It seems compassionate, and it makes opponents seem cruel and cold-hearted.

However, compassion works both ways.

Our healthcare system has limited resources, and is there to first and foremost serve Canadian Citizens.

It is simply a fact that if restrictions are lifted on the immigration of individuals with illnesses and disabilities our healthcare costs will rise, meaning that either taxes will have to go up to maintain service, debt will increase, and/or services will be reduced, meaning further rationing of care.

That would be the opposite of compassion for Canadian Citizens.

Further, the government itself admits that this could have large costs (most relevant part bolded by me):

“IRCC compiled data from June 1, 2018, to May 31, 2019, in order to assess the impacts of the policy on P/Ts. In the year following the implementation of the public policy, there were 62 individuals with health-related issues, who were approved under the new definition, but would have been refused under the previous definition. Note that this figure includes some individuals who also required special education services. After examining the healthcare costs for these 62 people, it was found that admission of these individuals would incur healthcare costs to Canada of $4.2 million over five years (on average, $840,000 per year). Note that this assessment does not account for some applicants who were found to pose an excessive demand under the new definition but may be approved at a later date based on an acceptable mitigation plan (these decisions are made on a case-by-case basis and at migration officers’ discretion) or on compassionate and humanitarian grounds. Moreover, it does not account for the costs of special education services, as reliable data on special education services costs is not readily available.”

Reading what you saw above, you can see how this could be very expensive for the healthcare system.

And as we know, that’s exactly why previous governments of all political stripes chose to keep the restrictions in place previously.

By making this change, the Trudeau government may feel good about themselves, but they are showing a lack of compassion for the many Canadian Citizens who rely on our public healthcare system.

Spencer Fernando

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