Chinese Diplomat Calls Trudeau “Boy,” & Says Canada Is “Running Dog Of The U.S.”

China is resurrecting Mao-era rhetoric as they ramp up the insults and belligerence worldwide, even against those who had previously been fans of the Communist State.

The Chinese consul general in Brazil for some reason decided to slam Justin Trudeau on Twitter. calling him “boy” and saying Canada is a “running dog of the US.”

“Boy, your greatest achievement is to have ruined the friendly relations between China and Canada, and have turned Canada into a running dog of the US. Spendthrift!!!”

“Running dog” is a slogan from the Mao-era of China, an era that Xi Jinping is increasingly emulating as China turns from technocratic authoritarianism to full-blown totalitarianism, alongside increasing belligerence.

China has been lashing out at nearly everybody, even those – like Trudeau – who once expressed positive feelings towards China’s ruthless government.

And, as much as it is ironic that Trudeau was so weak towards China yet is still treated with such disrespect, Canadians shouldn’t be happy to see the PM – even a PM many of us don’t like at all – belittled by a foreign power:

“It’s one thing for Canadians to criticize & even insult Trudeau, that’s part of being a free country & holding leaders accountable. But nobody in Canada should be going along with or reveling in China’s insults of Trudeau. China insulting the PM is an insult to Canadians.”

“This is correct. It’s one thing for me to want Trudeau out of power. However when another country’s diplomatic staff formally calls the Prime Minister of Canada “Boy” that’s a different matter. It should be condemned by all Canadians.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube