Among Peer Nations, Canada Had WORST Proportion Of Deaths In Seniors Care Homes

So now we definitively learn that the lockdown ‘strategy,’ which crushed the economy, hurt young people, and imposed draconian restrictions on freedom, failed to protect the most vulnerable.

Of all the Canadians who died from the Wuhan Virus, 69% of them were in nursing homes.

This is the worst percentage among wealth nations, according to a report by the Canadian Institute of Health Information.

The average internationally was 41%.

A total of 14,000 people died in nursing homes from the Wuhan Virus between March 2020 and February 2021, 2,273 more than died on average in the previous five years.

Throughout the crisis, nursing homes were constantly ravaged by the Wuhan Virus.

Notably, governments and ‘health experts’ proved repeatedly unable to contain the virus and protect the most vulnerable, a stunning display of incompetence as the virus repeatedly hit nursing homes despite politicians claiming they were ‘taking action.’

All through the crisis, politicians and the bureaucratic ‘experts’ failed to protect the most vulnerable, while crippling the economy, shutting down gyms, and expanding state power dramatically.

Now, we know beyond doubt that their approach completely failed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube