Canada’s Current Approach To Health Is Unsustainable

We need to be seeking health and fitness from early on, rather than relying on ever-increasing government spending.

In theory, a country with a truly effective healthcare system would see healthcare costs declining year after year.

If people were getting more and more fit and healthy, overall healthcare costs would go down.

Even with an aging population, those who remained fit into the latter years of their life would be able to continue living very independent lives.

Yet, we have now come to accept that healthcare costs will inevitably rise year after year.

This is unsustainable.

No society can continue to become less and less healthy and think there won’t be a price to be paid.

In the past year – despite politicians and ‘health officials’ ignoring it – we saw the clear link between obesity and Wuhan Virus outcomes, with obesity being the second-biggest risk factor after age.

Many politicians ended up shutting down gyms and telling everyone to stay home, which only made the obesity problem worse.

Official government food guides often make things worse, being based more on politics than actual good nutrition.

And young people are becoming more obese as well, with schools deemphasizing physical fitness.

There’s also the deeper societal issue of ‘healthy at any weight,’ the feel-good political correctness that doesn’t allow us to point out how dangerous it is for people to be obese.

In short, we have a society that is increasingly unhealthy at all levels and all ages.

This has led to our current healthcare woes.

We have a system that is terrible at helping people be fit and healthy, yet great at using extremely expensive technology to prevent people from dying.

But we wouldn’t need such desperate and expensive measures so often if people were healthier from the beginning.

Our approach of focusing only on the symptoms rather than the cause is a big problem, and is greatly mistaken.

Imagine if schools strongly emphasized physical fitness, helping bring about an entire generation of Canadian youth who were fit and active, with good eating habits and a life-long commitment to physical fitness.

The money we would save in the healthcare system would be immense, not to mention the mental health benefits of being physically healthy.

Additionally, the economy would benefit, as a fitter and healthier population would be capable of more positive economic activity.

The fact is, if we have accepted that we all pay for each other’s healthcare, it makes total sense for our country to focus on building a healthy and fit society.

A country that is sick and obese cannot be a successful nation for long, and we owe it to those who built Canada to become the best versions of ourselves that we can be.

Spencer Fernando


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