Quebec Government May Have Distributed Toxic Masks To Schools

There is “a potential for early lung toxicity” says the government.

The Quebec government may have issued toxic masks to children in the province.

According to the government, the SNN200642 masks that were distributed to schools and daycares in the province have “a potential for early lung toxicity.”

The masks were made by Metallifer, a Quebec company.

According to a government directive, “If you have this type of mask in stock, we ask that you stop distributing them and store them in a secure place right away.”

Health Canada had studied the masks, and found that there is a risk of people inhaling graphene particles. Individuals who wore the masks had expressed concern, with a Montreal Gazette report noting, “some educators in daycares have had issues with these masks for a while, saying it feels like they’re swallowing cat hair when they’re wearing them.”

With more and more information emerging on the terrible impact lockdowns and restrictions have had on children, there is growing criticism of how the mental health – and in some cases physical health – of young people has been so dramatically sacrificed despite young people being at such a low risk of negative outcomes from the Wuhan Virus.

Spencer Fernando

Image by v-3-5-N-a from Pixabay