How Does Canada’s Armed Forces Expect To Recruit People Now?

All people see on the news is one scandal after another, stories about Veterans being mistreated, and procurement debacles.

For years, Canada’s Armed Forces have been struggling to recruit.

At all levels, there simply aren’t many people who want to sign up.

And who can blame them?

Every time the CAF is in the news, it’s for a new sex scandal, Veterans being mistreated, and procurement debacles.

And in this case, it’s not the fault of the media.

The fact is the Canadian Armed Forces is clearly being taken apart from both within and from outside.

From within, there is a clear lack of leadership and accountability.

From the outside, both our politicians and the general public have made it clear the military isn’t a priority.

So, why would someone want to join up?

Is there new equipment?


Is there good support for those who are injured in the line of duty?


Is there strong leadership?


And of course, there’s the fact that political correctness appears to be seeping in to the military.

Here’s what the now-controversial Jonathan Vance was saying in 2018:

“While speaking to iPolitics last week, Vance said the military is also internally assessing its needs to see where people who aren’t typically considered fit for military service could fill a role, a project he plans to complete by a year from now.

“There are domains growing where physicality is less important,” he said. To that end, the military is seeking to find “the lower limit of necessary physicality.”

“You may not be infantry-fit, but you might be fit enough for something else; at least you can help,” Vance said. “Or maybe you are of no help physically to (the military), but you can help in another way, so we’ve got to look at this. It’s an exercise in shedding some bias, and also seeing the value in the human capital we have, and can have, in very, very increasingly changing warfare.””

If political correctness and lower standards are even happening in the military, that is of deep concern.

So, with all of this going on at once, how the hell do we expect the military to be able to recruit?

Until Canada toughens up, and until people start realizing that we need a strong armed forces in a world that is unfortunately still dangerous and divided, our country will continue to watch as the proud legacy of our armed forces is continuously weakened.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube