Ontario’s New Lockdown Is The Definition Of Insanity

All along, we’ve seen zero emphasis on losing weight or building up physical fitness and resilience. Instead, it’s just lockdown after lockdown.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.

And that’s what we see in Ontario.

Despite Toronto having had the strictest and longest lockdowns in North America, and despite much of the rest of the province having been locked down repeatedly, that is again what Doug Ford and the ‘experts’ are turning to.

Ontario is set to head into a third lockdown, with Ford telling people not to gather for Easter.

This is insanity, because it shows absolutely nothing has been learned.

We have had a year in which it is clearly shown that Vitamin D deficiency and obesity are both key risk factors for negative outcomes from the Wuhan Virus.

In particular, apart from age, obesity is the biggest risk factor.

Yet, we have politicians like Doug Ford (who it must be said isn’t exactly thin himself), failing to mention obesity and failing to push for people to become more fit and build up resilience.

Imagine if Doug Ford had said “all the statistics show obesity is a key risk factor for the virus, and as a heavier guy myself I’m going to set a positive example and do a public fitness and weight loss challenge.”

Ford could have been on TV every day talking about the importance of exercise and weight loss.

Instead, the government shut down gyms.

And now, they’re locking everything down again.

This is a total absence of any respect for the fact that in a free country (which we clearly aren’t), individuals should have the right to take their own level of risk, and businesses shouldn’t need the permission of politicians to stay open.

By completely avoiding the importance of building a physically fit and strong society, politicians like Doug Ford have decided instead to continue using centralized power to cover up for the fact that our society is endemically unhealthy and overly vulnerable.

Having shown they’ve learned nothing, the ‘experts’ and the politicians have failed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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