As Our Failed Leaders Plan Curfews & Interprovincial Travel Restrictions On Canadian Citizens, Our Airports Are Left Wide Open To COVID Infected People

This is insane.

Something we need more of in politics is the common-sense test.

If something is so obviously the opposite of common-sense, there’s a reason it seems it seems that way.

And that reason is that – in most circumstances – it’s probably a horrible idea.

So, when you hear that countless people are getting on to planes, flying into Canada infected with COVID-19, and then walking through airports and entering the country, it sounds like it must be a joke.

And then, when you see our ‘leaders’ talking about interprovincial travel restrictions and curfews – in effect finishing off the last of the rights we thought we had by telling us when we can leave our homes, while still keeping their airports wide open to the infected – it sounds like it must be total insanity.

And it is.

Here’s what the Ford government is considering:

“Here are a few more things that I am hearing are up for discussion at cabinet with @fordnation tomorrow: pushing the stay-at-home order past May 6, fining people who go to work when they can work from home and more enforcement powers for police. Sounds like a fun meeting. #onpoli”

And following that meeting, there is news that a curfew is indeed being discussed:

“As part of a suite of measures in response to record-high COVID-19 cases in Ontario, multiple sources tell Global News Premier Doug Ford and members of his cabinet are currently looking at imposing a curfew, travel restrictions and ordering a shut down of certain construction-related activities.

The sources, who weren’t authorized to speak publicly, warned the deliberations at Thursday’s cabinet meeting are evolving and items being discussed are subject to change.

Also up for consideration, the sources said, is a further tightening of restrictions around non-essential retail sales and cutting back on curbside pick-up.”

People are noting how negative this would be:

“As every time this has come previously, I really hope the Ontario government doesn’t impose a curfew.”

“I can’t speak for how it would impact others. But personally, it would only have two impacts.”

“One, it would make it illegal for me to go for a walk on mostly empty streets after the kids are down, which I often find valuable for mental (and physical) health.”

“The other is that (unless this were somehow exempted) it would prevent me from running late errands to places like Shoppers, requiring me to go by day when it’s more crowded, possibly with kids in tow.”

Absurdly, among the measures being considered are bans on people gathering – EVEN OUTSIDE – despite all the evidence that getting outdoors is quite important.

They still won’t talk about the importance of physical fitness:

“The clowns in charge still won’t talk about physical fitness, and offer only more restrictions on freedom. Absolutely disgraceful.”

And there’s this, a move towards interprovincial travel restrictions in Canada.

Trudeau has announced he supports such restrictions, as more provinces consider it:

“The Prime Minister says he’s supportive of provinces and territories closing their borders in order to protect their residents from the spread of COVID-19.

Justin Trudeau’s comments to CBC Radio came a day after B.C. Premier John Horgan indicated he is considering restricting travel to and from the province to help stem the third wave of the pandemic.

Trudeau, asked Wednesday on CBC’s Daybreak South whether he would support such a move by Horgan, said he has already backed similar pandemic travel restrictions elsewhere in the country.

“Every step of the way, I’ve been supporting premiers and territorial leaders on what they need to do to keep people safe,” the Prime Minster said.

“As we saw with the Atlantic bubble, as we saw with the the Arctic territories, they make decisions around closing off the regions. That is something that we are supportive of.””

The airports are still open, and COVID infected people are streaming in:

Here’s where it gets more absurd than should even be possible.

The airports are still completely open, with infected individuals flying into the country in large numbers:




And when asked about it, Patty Hajdu dodged questions on flights coming in from India:

“NEW FROM ME: As the number of flights arriving from Delhi carrying COVID-19 infections this month exceeds 30, Health Minister Patty Hajdu remains cool to the idea of restricting flights from India — calling our border measures among the world’s strongest”

Here’s what Hajdu said about it:

“Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu says she’s confident of this country’s pandemic border protections, even as Canada deals with spikes of infected passengers arriving daily from world hot spots.

And Hajdu remained cool to restricting Canada’s numerous daily flights from COVID-wracked India, where a devastating second wave has coincided with a new “double-mutant” variant.

Apparently, claims a ‘universal approach’ is better, despite the fact Canada obviously doesn’t have anything close to universal or comprehensive restrictions on entry:

“The challenge with country-by-country approaches is COVID spreads in way that we can see, and ways that we can’t,” she responded when asked if Canada is considering banning flights from India.

“The safest thing for Canadians is to have a universal approach that requires scrutiny at the border.”

So far this month, 33 flights from Delhi carried COVID-positive passengers, according Health Canada.

That’s out of 112 international arrivals carrying infected passengers, despite assurances that Canada’s border protections are among the strongest in the world.”

Also, even as cases surge in Brazil, the Liberals have decided now is the time to stop screening flights from the country:

“Ottawa drops enhanced COVID-19 screening for travellers from Brazil, but won’t explain why.

Health Minister Patty Hajdu’s office declined to comment and directed The Globe and Mail to PHAC. The federal agency did not provide a comment on Wednesday.”

Of course, we don’t expect more from Hajdu at this point, as she may be the most incompetent minister in recent Canadian history.

Still, the overall hypocrisy and absurdity of this approach, with Hajdu, Trudeau, Ford, and other leaders contemplating even further restrictions on Canadian Citizens, while letting people from all over the world fly into Canada bringing the virus is mind-boggling.

It really makes you wonder, with so many politicians who seem completely drunk with power and talking – as Chrystia Freeland did – about the ‘opportunity’ COVID has created to push a political agenda – if they almost don’t want to stop it from getting into the country and would rather just have further ‘justification’ for centralizing power and imposing more and more restrictions.

After all, we were told in early 2020 that the virus was no threat, then low-risk, then they said it would be contained, then it spread throughout the country – all with flights still coming in to the country, and then, when variants started spreading outside of Canada, those variants were brought in on flights into our country, and those variants are now the ‘justification’ for the harsher measures.

Quite frankly, the politicians and ‘experts’ have shown themselves to lack creativity, lack common-sense, and lack the leadership skill to be in charge of anything serious.

Their continued hypocrisy and approach of punishing all of us for their own incompetence should dismay and disgust every common-sense Canadian.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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