Canada Is Not A Serious Country

Lets be honest. Canada now coasts along on the fumes of previous achievement.

Of all the problems Canada faces, these absolute trash Olympic uniforms are about as low on the list as you can get.

The Opening Ceremony uniform, centre, and the closing ceremony "Canadian Tuxedo."

And yet, there is significance here:

“Aesthetics matter, and these trash uniforms certainly get across the idea that Canada is an unserious country unable to muster a shred of confidence or self-respect.”

“In 2021, does Canada deserve better than uniforms that look like they were vandalized by angry teens with Sharpies? Not really. If Olympic uniforms serve to project our national image, these garments actually nail it, writes Sabrina Maddeaux”

Here’s part of what Sabrina Maddeaux wrote in the National Post:

“Canada is having a rough time. Once the promised land of oil sands, maple syrup, and kinda-free healthcare, we’re now a world leader in new COVID casesmoney laundering, and overpriced houses. But, with the Tokyo Olympics (maybe) around the corner, the Great White North has a chance to redeem itself on the international stage – to show other countries who we really are.

Sure, the medal tallies are important. But the world’s most-viewed sporting event is ultimately about spectacle, which means it’s also the world’s most-viewed fashion event. The outfits matter, which is why nations stage elaborate reveals every two years. A country’s Olympic uniforms speak to who they are as a people, as well as their geopolitical and economic status. There’s even an academic term for it: “fashion diplomacy.” Unfortunately, Canada’s 2021 outfits only have one message: We’re a joke.”

And this sums it up:

“In 2021, does Canada deserve better than uniforms that look like they were vandalized by angry teens with Sharpies? Not really. If Olympic uniforms serve to project our national image, these garments actually nail it. Quite plainly, we’re a confused country that has a lot of growing up to do before we can have nice things. Our healthcare system is in tatters, we can’t seem to effectively oversee or fund our own military, and we’ve managed to lock at least two generations out of homeownership while economically and psychologically battering them with never-ending shutdowns. That’s just the shortlist.”

Canada is a joke at this point

Consider Canada’s geopolitical position:

We are next to world’s largest economy, and are protected both by a security alliance and three oceans.

In that context, it would be nearly impossible for Canada not to be relatively wealthy and secure.

And yet, we are poorer than many countries that are in a far worse geopolitical spot, and our security is being undermined by infiltration from ruthless foreign powers, and the increasing militarization of the north, something we aren’t even close to responding to or matching.

We don’t have much of a military, and what we do have is underfunded, demoralized, unable to recruit, unable to procure decent equipment, and mired in endless embarrassing scandals.

Our government – particularly under the Trudeau Liberals – bet heavily on China, a bet which has backfired spectacularly.

Yet, as China continues to mistreat our nation, threaten us, and keep our kidnapped citizens in terrible conditions, we are still unwilling to respond.

Canada has done nothing to protect people from China’s intimidation – we are so pathetic we don’t even have laws against much of that foreign interference and threatswe haven’t banned Huawei, we haven’t put restrictions on Chinese state-owned companies buying up our country, and we haven’t reduced our dependence on foreign students from China – a key area of financial vulnerability for Canadian universities which makes them even less likely to allow free and open debate on China and other issues.

Meanwhile, our cities are increasingly becoming playgrounds for foreign millionaires and billionaires, while our own Canadian Citizens are priced out of the markets.

This is an act of supreme disloyalty towards the Canadian People, and represents our country being basically taken away from our own citizens.

Then, we have the issue of the political class being hilariously naïve and foolish, thinking that imposing a carbon tax on Canadians will somehow do anything about global emissions.

While countries like China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia surge ahead without carbon taxes – with China’s new coal power plant production more than cancelling out all reductions around the world – Canada’s political leaders somehow believe that making life even more expensive for Canadians and hurting our own industry is a great idea.

Sadly, that even includes the Conservative leader now, who released an absolute piece-of-sh*t plan that is stunningly even more ‘big-government’ than the Liberals, with O’Toole planning to take your money and put it into an account you can only use to purchase government-approved ‘green’ items.’

Meanwhile, we’ve watched as our country is locked down over and over again, with the same people who told us border controls weren’t needed and called the virus ‘low risk’ now telling us that we have to basically throw the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the garbage.

Those same ‘experts’ failed to talk about Vitamin D, failed to talk about fitness, shut down gyms, are discouraging outdoor gatherings despite almost no risk outdoors and despite how getting outside and being active is such a benefit to people’s health and resilience against the virus, and offer only the groundhog day nightmare of lockdown after lockdown.

And when it comes to money, the Bank of Canada has enabled rampant fiscal irresponsibility by printing tons of money, while the government pretends debt and deficits don’t matter anymore and throws money all over the place.

Those same fools expect us to believe inflation is only 1.1%, despite the evidence we can see of inflation all around us.

All of these things are connected, and that connection is the fact that so many people in this country have become naïve about human nature and eschew the lessons of history.

We are coasting along on the fumes of accomplishment and ambition left over from past generations, and we are rapidly squandering it.

Until Canada wakes up, acknowledges reality, and gets serious, we will continue throw away the tremendous gift we were given.

Spencer Fernando


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