As Canadians Suffer, Trudeau Gaslights The Country & Puts His Open Borders Ideology Ahead Of Our National Interest

Trudeau thinks you should be locked down, while international flights bring infected people into the country. If this isn’t insanity, what is?

A backlash is building as more and more people consider the absurdity of the fact that we are being to locked down and restricted within Canada, but virus-infected foreign individuals are free to enter country through countless international flights.

You see, even as lockdowns are becoming even stricter in much of the country, Canada continues to allow flights from virus hotspots, undoing any sacrifices made by Canadians and bringing new variants into the country.

Yet, even as variants enter the country at a rising pace because of our open borders (AKA open airports letting foreign flights in), Trudeau is still refusing to take action, as noted in this Global News report:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is indicating the federal government is looking at additional COVID-19 measures to protect international borders but won’t stop flights into Canada from India.

In an interview with Global News Wednesday, Trudeau said community spread continues to be the main concern and not international travel.

“We are looking at a range of potential measures either targeting certain areas of types of travellers. We are going to be working with experts and authorities across the country to ensure what we are doing is grounded in science and will keep people safe,” Trudeau said.

“There is no question, continuing our measures at the border and perhaps enhancing them will be important.””

Of course, the so-called ‘double mutation’ of COVID-19, the B 1.617 variant, is already in Canada, thanks to those open borders:

“British Columbia has now reported 39 cases of the B 1.617 COVID-19 variant, known as a double mutation, originating from India.”

Even Global News subtly called out Trudeau:

“In a wide ranging interview with Global News focusing on child care and the pandemic, Trudeau would not acknowledge it was a weak quarantine system that allowed the P.1 variant to get into Canada. The variant of concern originating in Brazil has accounted for 2,062 cases in British Columbia.”

Further, BC chief health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry noted the government isn’t doing enough:

“Provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry has previously expressed concern the federal government is not providing enough resources to ensure international travellers remain in isolation for the required 14 days.”

Justin Trudeau is gaslighting the country on the state of Canada’s borders

Trudeau repeatedly says – and this line has been repeated by other Liberal cabinet members meaning it’s a government talking point – Canada has strong border measures:

“We have some of the strongest measures in the world in terms of borders. We have seen there are direct flights from many countries of concern but there are also indirect flights as well and making sure we have a system to address all flights is something we did months ago.”

That is a lie.

Trudeau is gaslighting the country.

Canada has some of the weakest borders in the world, and the fact that variants are flowing into the country from around the world makes that obvious.

By claiming otherwise, Trudeau is outright lying to you and the Canadian People, expecting us to believe his empty words rather than the evidence we see all around us.

Trudeau’s open borders ideology puts Canada at risk

There are few coincidences in politics, and when politicians make their ideology clear, we should carefully consider the consequences of what they believe.

When Justin Trudeau said Canada should become the world’s ‘first post-national state,’ it was a rare moment of honesty for him.

A post-national state without an identity becomes a country without a sense of pride, and lacks the instinct of self-preservation.

After all, how can a country without a national identity have a national interest?

And without a national interest, how can we identify what is good or bad for our country?

Of course, this is how Trudeau wants it.

A country divided by various cultural and ethnic groups, without any core unifying identity is far easier to control, and makes it easier to buy people off with target government payments and big spending, rather than a broader sense of keeping the country strong.

Conservatives push back

After spending weeks capitulating to the Liberals on seemingly every issue – particularly Erin O’Toole’s appalling carbon tax betrayal – the CPC is finally pushing back on something, calling for the temporary suspension of flights from virus hotspots.

Here’s what Erin O’Toole has been saying:

“ANNOUNCEMENT: We must secure Canada’s borders and temporarily suspend flights from hot spot countries.

ANNONCE : Nous devons AGIR pour les frontières du Canada et suspendre, temporairement, les vols en provenance des pays les plus touchés par la COVID-19.”

“Canadians deserve to know where COVID-19 is spreading, how emerging variants are changing transmission, and what vaccination levels are, both here and abroad.”

“We must secure our borders.

Nous devons protéger nos frontières.”

“The federal government must temporarily suspend flights from hotspot countries immediately,” Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole says in Ottawa; adds this will allow clear set of parameters to be developed for identifying the risks of emerging variants.”

On this one, O’Toole is getting it right, as are all common-sense Canadians pushing for border measures to keep our country safe.

Trudeau’s ideology treats Canadians like second-class citizens in our own country

Trudeau’s decision to keep the borders open and let foreigners into the country infected with the virus, while Canadians are locked-down is the most dangerous example of a pattern he has shown repeatedly:

Those outside of Canada are prioritized above those inside Canada.

Canadians should be revolted by this hypocrisy.

And legally, it shouldn’t even be allowed.

How the hell have we gotten to a point where non-Canadians seemingly have more freedom to enter Canada than Canadians do to move about and within our own country?

What this shows is that the Trudeau government believes Canadians are weak enough that they can get away with it, that the capacity to recognize and push back against hypocrisy has atrophied within our population, and that vulnerable, divided post-nationalism is the future Canadians want.

Will we go along with this hypocrisy and prove Trudeau right, or will we push back, demand strong borders, and prove him wrong?


Following intense pressure, including the House of Commons unanimously voting for a ban on flights from highly-infected areas, and pressure from the Conservative Party, the Federal Government is set to ban direct flights from India & Pakistan:

As Brad Zubyk said on Twitter, this should have been done a long time ago:

“This should have been done weeks ago to protect Canadians from an obvious public health threat (cases of the Indian double variant were first found in BC in the first week of April).

Instead it took days of public shaming and now somehow feels like a minor miracle.”

Spencer Fernando

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