Political Correctness & A Denial Of Common-Sense Is Causing Serious Damage To Our Country

What will happen to a society unable to speak the truth?

Finding links between seemingly unrelated things is often derided as ‘conspiracy thinking,’ but after a year in which countless politicians and supposed experts proved themselves to be both power hungry and incompetent to a stunning degree, we would be foolish to have the bounds of our thinking restricted by those who lack any sense of creativity or skill.

‘Conspiracy thinking’ has been far more accurate than our public officials, who have abandoned all common-sense and pushed political correctness above all else.

So, here are a few seemingly unrelated things happening in Canada that turn out to be quite related:

First, I want to draw your attention to this story, featuring some ‘experts’ commenting on the recently imposed travel ban on India & Pakistan.

Considering that all of Canada’s original virus cases came from outside the country, and given that variants can only enter Canada from outside the country, it is the most basic level of common-sense that border measures and bans (which should have been imposed far earlier of course), would reduce variants from entering.

And yet, some supposed ‘experts’ seem unable to comprehend this.

Here are a few quotes from a Global News story:

“Ananya Banerjee, assistant professor at the school of population and global health at McGill University, told Global News earlier this week that what Canadians needed instead was universal access to testing.

“I think people are very well-equipped now to understand the importance of quarantining. So I don’t think we need to ban flights. The reality is India and Canada are very interconnected,” said Banerjee.”

Another, Dr. Farah Shroff, claimed that people ‘need to come to Canada,’ seemingly disregarding the idea of Canada having a national interest and putting our own Citizens first:

“Shroff pointed too at other alternatives to travel bans, such as investing in more preventative measures like healthcare and food security for such high-risk and poor countries.

According to her, there were also negative consequences to implementing travel bans as well — particularly in the form of barring refugees and migrants looking for a safe haven in Canada.

“They need to come to Canada because their human rights are being abused. They need to come to Canada because there may be an LGBTQ person or their whole variety of reasons,” said Shroff.

“So migrants who need to become economic migrants and refugees in general are really hurt by travel bans — and so we need to be able to find some ways around that.”

The interesting word here is ‘need.’

Shroff says people ‘need’ to come to Canada.

Does this mean we should just throw our borders open regardless of the risk?

What about the ‘needs’ of Canadian Citizens?

What about our need to look after our national interest and keep the virus out of Canada as much as possible?

As for Banerjee’s remarks, it’s been shown that many people aren’t isolating when entering the country. Also, what does the supposed ‘interconnection’ of Canada and India have to do with banning flights to keep variants out? If anything, that supposed interconnectivity would be more of a reason to ban flights at the current time.

The fact that so many ‘experts’ and people in high positions reject any sense of Canada acting on behalf of Canadians is a serious problem for our country, and it’s an attitude that goes all the way up to the top of government.

‘Pregnant Individuals’

The next story concerns some Tweets put out by the Ontario Government, particularly Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott:

“As of April 23, all pregnant individuals can register for #COVID19 vaccination appointments under the “highest risk” health conditions in Phase Two of the province’s vaccine rollout.”

Notice anything here?

Notice a word missing?

What happened to Women?

Why not write ‘Pregnant Women,’ rather than ‘Pregnant Individuals’?

What makes this so odd is that the same politically-correct people who love to call themselves ‘feminists,’ seem to have no problem erasing the identities of women.

The same people who say they are ‘following the science,’ seem to be putting political correctness ahead of science.

Consider that the idea of erasing the identities of women and saying ‘pregnant individuals’ is something that would have been considered ‘radical left’ even at many universities a decade ago, yet is now being used by a ‘conservative’ public officials.

This shows both how rapidly the far-left has managed to inculcate their language in society at the highest level (despite the vast majority of people unwilling to bend reality in such a way), and how little interest so-called ‘conservative’ parties have in actually conserving anything.

‘Conservatives’ are now using language that has generated a massive backlash among feminists, in effect siding with the most far-left language they can find.

Now, the usual suspects will read this and say ‘this is anti-trans,’ without of course realizing that it is not, and without realizing that the real issue here is that erasing the identities of women is ‘anti-women.’

If someone is fired from their job because they are transgendered that is obviously discrimination, and people should be be protected from such acts.

That is completely different from what we are talking about here, which is about ignoring science, rejecting reality, and erasing the identities of women to fit into some far-left politically-correct way of thinking.

If even top ‘conservative’ officials are using this kind of language, common-sense in Canada is clearly in full-retreat.

Healthy at any size?

The final issue we will address here is the rampant delusion that obesity can be healthy, a delusion that is rampant within our society and which took a massive toll in this past year.

We are constantly hearing things like ‘healthy at any size’ and ‘healthy at any weight,’ with references to danger of obesity referred to as ‘fatphobia’ and seen as ‘too mean and judgmental.’

This is another example of ignoring science, as obesity and Metabolic Syndrome are closely linked:

“Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that occur together, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. These conditions include increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

Having just one of these conditions doesn’t mean you have metabolic syndrome. But it does mean you have a greater risk of serious disease. And if you develop more of these conditions, your risk of complications, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease, rises even higher.

Most of the disorders associated with metabolic syndrome don’t have obvious signs or symptoms. One sign that is visible is a large waist circumference. And if your blood sugar is high, you might notice the signs and symptoms of diabetes — such as increased thirst and urination, fatigue, and blurred vision.”

Basically, ‘metabolic syndrome’ is a professional way of saying that it’s dangerous and unhealthy to be obese.

Yet, in order to make people feel good and be ‘nice’ (though true compassion would be wanting people to be healthy and achieve their best possible physique), we have decided not to talk about much of this, and instead feed into people’s fantasy that obesity isn’t an issue.

Of course, we saw in this past year how vulnerable obesity makes our country.

Aside from age, obesity was the second biggest risk factor for negative COVID outcomes.

If the government truly wanted to help, they would have been saying this constantly, advocating weight loss, encouraging people to exercise, kept gyms open, encouraged outdoor activities, and subsidized the purchase of exercise equipment.

They did none of this, and in most cases did the exact opposite.

Instead, they shut down much of society, threw many of our rights into the trash, and caused a severe mental health crisis, while destroying countless businesses.

They chose political correctness over common-sense, and continued pushing the ‘healthy-at-any-size’ delusion by ignoring the second biggest risk factor entirely.

Now, this isn’t just the fault of the federal government and provincial governments.

It’s a society-wide problem. Once a critical mass of people decided that ‘being nice’ and refusing to acknowledge difficult truths was ‘what Canada is all about,’ our capacity to be rational, strong, and resilient was damaged. In effect, our country has chosen weakness, while calling it by more positive names so people feel good about it.

Canada rejecting common-sense

The three stories above all have one thing that links them: People rejecting common-sense.

It’s common-sense that we would close the borders and ban flights to protect Canadians, yet so-called ‘experts’ reject it.

It’s common-sense that we would say ‘Pregnant Women,’ yet top officials in government reject it.

And it’s common-sense that we would acknowledge the dangers of obesity, yet as a society we have rejected that truth.

Of course, we know that reality doesn’t care whether we acknowledge it or not.

It still exists.

The refusal to acknowledge it only leaves us unprepared and weakened, and people become more and more bewildered as truth refuses to change to fit their absurd worldviews.

Truth-telling is increasingly rare in Canada, and it’s no mistake that this coincides with rising division, a physical health crisis, a mental health crisis, and an increasingly disastrous economic & financial situation.

Until Canada, and Canadians have the courage to reembrace reality and common-sense, our inability to address our problems will only deepen.

Spencer Fernando


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