Will Canadians Ever Have Enough Of Our Country Being Weak & Getting Walked All Over?

Canada’s collaboration with China’s military researchers on deadly diseases is only the latest example of our nation being pathetically weak.

If Canada has one defining characteristic these days, it would be weakness.

It may not be ‘nice’ or politically correct to say it, but it is the reality we face.

Over and over again, Canada shows we are a country that can be used and walked all over, without consequences.

And for those who say this is because we are a ‘small nation,’ consider that countries with smaller populations – like Taiwan, Australia, Saudi Arabia – and others, manage to assert themselves with far more strength and influence than Canada despite being in tougher geopolitical situations.

No, this isn’t about how big our country is in terms of population.

It isn’t about our population being ‘small.’

It’s about our attitude and mindset being ‘small.’

Many Canadians almost instinctively shy away from any self-assertion or imposition of strength, and instead seek to make immediate concessions to ‘avoid conflict.’

Thus, we end up being a doormat, with other countries realizing that we don’t have what it takes to assert our interests or adhere to any cohesive sense of values.

Here are just a few examples:

Energy sector

Most countries would be counting their blessings to have such an abundance of energy as we enjoy in Canada. And they would certainly see it as being in their national interest to keep public support for the energy sector strong, make as much money as possible, and push back against foreign-funded efforts to turn people against it.

Yet here in Canada, the federal government is actively working against the sector, dis-incentivizing Canadian energy while giving preferential treatment to foreign energy.

No better example of this pathetic foolishness exists than in the desperation of Ontario and Quebec to keep the Line 5 pipeline going, while the country had earlier rejected Energy East.


For decades, the Canadian military has been brutally underfunded, with many Canadians not taking our national defense seriously, and politicians seeing it as the first place to cut spending whenever they feel a tinge of fiscal responsibility.

Now, the military is only in the news when there’s another sex scandal involving a top official, the latest being the former head of Canada’s vaccination delivery infrastructure.

It’s been a sad decline for a once-venerable and respected institution, and it comes at a time when countries like China and Russia are expanding their military presence and strength – including in the arctic as they seek to gain influence and power in a region that has immense potential wealth, while Canada does nothing.

Housing market

Canada’s housing market increasingly serves wealthy non-citizens at the expense of Canadians, with a whole generation of Canadian Citizens being priced out of the housing market and deferring their dreams.

This is exacerbated by government plans to continue increasing immigration, while restricting housing supply, creating an artificial shortage of homes that is driving the market to absurd levels completely disconnected with rationality.

Only Canada could somehow manage to ‘run out’ of space to build homes in a country that is mostly empty space.


When it comes to China, Canada has been exposed as stunningly weak and submissive.

Even as China kidnapped two Canadians, put restrictions on our exports – under obvious false pretenses – and threatened Canada, our country has reacted with total submissiveness.

Have we reduced our dependence on foreign students from China?


Have we banned Huawei?


Have we stopped funding the China-controlled Asian Infrastructure Bank?


Have we strengthened our Five Eyes alliance?

Nope, just the opposite as we are viewed as the ‘weak link.’

Have we cracked down on China’s influence in our country and looked at which politicians are doing China’s bidding rather than serving Canadians?


China can look at all of this and see that no matter how bad they treat Canada, we just give in.

The only sign of strength came when the House of Commons unanimously declared China’s actions in Xinjiang to be ‘genocide,’ and even that was unfortunately counteracted by the federal government refusing to make the same declaration.

Then of course, the Trudeau government threatened the Halifax Security Forum against giving an award to Taiwan’s President, showing once again that China has a disturbing hold over our political class and the Trudeau government in particular.

But if you though it couldn’t get worse, just take a look at this:

“Scientists working at Canada’s highest-security infectious-disease laboratory have been collaborating with Chinese military researchers to study and conduct experiments on deadly pathogens.

Seven scientists in the special pathogens unit at the National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) in Winnipeg and Chinese military researchers have conducted experiments and co-authored six studies on infectious diseases such as Ebola, Lassa fever and Rift Valley fever. The publication dates of the studies range from early 2016 to early 2020.

The Globe and Mail has also learned that one of the Chinese researchers, Feihu Yan, from the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) Academy of Military Medical Sciences, worked for a period of time at the Winnipeg lab, a Level 4 facility equipped to handle some of the world’s deadliest diseases. This researcher is credited as a co-author on all six of the papers. However, on two of them, he is listed as being affiliated with both the Winnipeg lab and the military medical academy.”

For those who try to dismiss this as ‘usual research co-operation,’ they would need to explain why CSIS was so worried:

“Two of the Winnipeg lab scientists, Xiangguo Qiu and her biologist husband, Keding Cheng, were fired in January of this year after the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, as The Globe reported last week, recommended that their security clearances be removed on national-security grounds. CSIS had also been concerned about the nature of information Dr. Qiu might have passed on to China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Dr. Qiu, the former head of the Vaccine Development and Antiviral Therapies section at the Winnipeg lab’s Special Pathogens Program, co-authored five of the studies. Dr. Cheng participated in one study on Ebola.”

This is not normal.

These are the actions of a country that is either one of two things:

A) Shockingly naive.

B) Co-opted by China.

And you know what?

It’s probably both.

There are probably elements of our government that have been actively co-opted by China, and this is facilitated by the weak and naive ‘Canadian’ attitude that somehow can’t fathom that other nations could possibly have ruthless motives that aren’t in our interest.

When will Canadians have enough of this

As we watch government power expand at all levels, as we watch the interests of our Citizens be sold out, and as we watch things like Bill C-10 further and further encroaching on our remaining rights and freedoms, the question is whether Canadians can actually summon up the strength to care.

Certainly, if you’re reading this, you are likely a Canadian who has the strength and the courage to speak out, try to educate people, contact politicians, and assert Canada’s national interests.

And yet, many of our fellow citizens seem content to live in a fantasy land where everyone is ‘nice,’ Canada has no interests worth defending, and where mediocrity, weakness, and submission is the order of the day.

Until a critical mass of Canadians rejects the attitude of weakness and summons up their internal strength and willpower to stand up for the interests of our country, the rest of the world will continue to see us a doormat and treat us accordingly.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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