People Angry At Rebecca O’Toole Grabbing Her Husband A Beer Have Lost Touch With Basic Human Decency

This hectoring, anti-life, anti-happiness, guilt-ridden attitude has become far too pervasive as of late.

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been a harsh critic of Erin O’Toole, particularly for his massive carbon tax flip flop.

I will continue to criticize him when appropriate, because I don’t work for the CPC, I work for you, in that I owe it to you to share what I think without doing the bidding of a political party.

With that in mind, even as a regular critic of O’Toole, the criticism he received over the Tweet below is absolutely absurd:

“Starting the long weekend off right. Rebecca had a cold one waiting for me after my run. Wishing everyone a safe and relaxing long weekend.”

Amazingly, this bland and boring Tweet (which looks like a generic beer advertisement) generated some outrage, kicked off by Evan Solomon:

“Interested in comments on this post by CPC leader. The wife with a “cold one” “waiting for” the man to come home is an old stereotype. What’s the message from a party that needs female voters? Some will dismiss it as nothing but personal posts of leaders are political messaging”

Here are some of the unhinged responses:

“Hello Erin, did Rebecca run you a nice warm bath and bake you cookies after she put the kids down and cleaned up the dinner dishes?”

“Exactly. The CPC hates women. “Wifey, fetch me a beer then get back into the kitchen.””

““Rebecca had a cold one waiting for me”? You guys still in the 50’s”

“Keeping women suppressed and controlled starts in the home. Be careful”

“What’s the matter? Couldn’t get the “cold one” out of the fridge yourself!”

“It would’ve been a better tweet if you got your wife a beer when you got home from your run. It’s not 1950 June and Ward Cleaver anymore.”

“You need your wife to fetch a beer for you?

I keep my beer in the fridge, and when j want one, I get it myself.

I thought Conservatives believed in people doing things for themselves…”

“Promoting drinking seems to be a conservative trait. What year are we in 1957 with you wife having a cold one waiting for you?”

“Dude, there’s beer in my fridge. There’s always a cold one waiting for me. It has nothing to do with my partner. To say “she had one waiting for me” is coded language if I ever heard it. More of those “Christian values”?”

“Yup just get the little woman to serve her master you cons are all the same. Does she have shoes?”

A lack of basic decency


Now, those Tweets above were just a sample of the many people who were somehow bothered by O’Toole’s Tweet.

And you’ll notice if you look closely that they really reveal more about themselves than about what they claim to be criticizing.

Note how many of them speak in a way that is quite insulting to Rebecca O’Toole, as if somehow she couldn’t have freely made the decision to have a beer ready for her husband.

They also assume that Erin O’Toole never has anything ready for her, something they couldn’t possibly know, and which is almost certainly untrue.

Many of the comments were also amazingly quick to adopt the exact ‘old-fashioned’ language and attitude they claim to be opposing, showing that kind of thinking is very prevalent in their minds, but that they feel the need to project it into others in order to ‘purge’ themselves of those unwoke thoughts.

Thankfully, common-sense people still exist, and Evan Solomon’s Tweet received a large backlash from Canadians pointing out that couples doing something nice for each other is a basic foundation of a relationship:

“Is this seriously offending people? His partner had a cold one waiting for him after his run?

I’m going to assume none of the offended people have ever tweeted or made a facebook post about something nice their partner did for them that was trivial like this.”

“So what’s the message to women from the LPC leader? Huh? Do you ever dare touch this? Trudeau gets a free pass?

-Signed, military mom of a female soldier/female voter”

“The idea it’s a ‘sexist’ stereotype is insulting to OToole’s wife whom you assume was doing this out of some sense of spousal obligation rather than just because she wanted to.”

“Amazing anyone with a brain still runs for office in Canada, Evan, when they have to contend with this level of degradation after sharing a small window of personal insight. Rebecca wasn’t waiting for Erin. The cold beer was. It isn’t misogyny, it’s marriage, and it works.”

“Two take aways here. 1. Acts of service among married people are cool and inspiring 2. Supporting a Canadian craft brewery that supports our veterans since our government feels they ask more than they can give is cool too. Well done!”

“For the love of heaven. You’re attempting to create an issue where there isn’t one. In no way did I, or would any sensible person, take this as you suggest – an old stereotype.”

“Is it not possible for a spouse to do something nice for their partner, regardless of their sex?
Those looking for sexism and patriarchy in this post may wish to read up on the government’s treatment of women in the Canadian Armed Forces.”

“WTF? So a wife cannot do something nice for her husband? If you people think this is stereotyping women, then you’re lame AF! He went for a run, not coming from work or hunting. Erin is not my favourite person and nor will I be voting for him but Evan, really, that’s a reach …”

“I make sure there’s a cold glass of rosé for my wife who’s an intensive care nurse the second she’s in the door this past year or so. It’s nice to do nice things for your partner in life.”

“My wife is sleeping in today. May I have your permission to bring her breakfast in bed or is that an “old stereotype”. I always hold the door open too, is that still allowed? Actually, never mind. I’ve been happily married for 26 years. I don’t need advice from a talking head.”

Further, as you can see from the response to Solomon’s Tweet (as of this article being written), he received 667 retweets, but over 3.3 thousand replies, a clear sign that a Tweet has backfired:

Evan Solomon O'Toole Tweet

Does anyone really feel outrage about this?

While many people expressed outrage about O’Toole’s Tweet, I’m guessing that far fewer actually felt it.

As with radical-left ideological moments throughout history, wokeism is held together through fear.

People who lack confidence and courage feel a desperate need to mouth the latest slogan or push out the latest rhetoric to conform to woke demands, and thus will jump at the chance to denounce others in order to prove their allegiance.

It’s something we are seeing more of lately, as many people – consumed by fear – adopt an attitude of anger towards any expression of human potential, flourishing, athleticism, vitality, love, and energy, instead demanding that everyone submit to a sad and guilt-ridden way of thinking.

Many of the people who criticized O’Toole’s Tweet likely know that couples get things for each other all the time, and are likely in a relationship themselves where that happens.

And if they’re not, then perhaps they are simply reacting out of a sad sense of loneliness in their own lives, which they are manifesting by lashing out at others. As I said on Twitter, those people should take some time to reflect:

“If you’re angry that somebody’s wife grabbed a beer for them, perhaps reflect on the sad state of your own life.”

Spencer Fernando

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