Justin Trudeau Would Rather Accuse Canadians Of Racism Than Stop Communist China’s Military From Having Access To Our National Microbiology Lab

At what point do we have to acknowledge that Canada’s Prime Minister is unwilling to defend Canada’s National Security?

As we know, the most important job of any federal government is to defend the national security of the country.

If a country doesn’t have national security, if it is being controlled by foreign powers or has been co-opted, nothing else really matters.

For Canada, we are a nation that should have ironclad national security without much of a challenge.

We are part of a strong alliance of similar-minded democracies through the Five Eyes, have a close military and economic alliance with the most powerful nation on Earth right next door, and are part of the NATO alliance, the strongest military alliance on the planet.

And yet, our nation is increasingly co-opted by Communist China.

This dangerous process has two key drivers:

First, there’s the hangover from the ’embrace China and they’ll become democratic’ idea that existed through much of the 1990’s and 2000’s, only subsiding as Xi Jingping took power and which leaves many naïve arrangements still in place.

Second, Justin Trudeau’s disturbing unwillingness to acknowledge and confront the danger China poses to Canada.

The first factor has long given Trudeau cover, since he could point to policies under previous governments – including Conservative governments – that gave China more access and power in Canada, including the horrendous FIPA signed by the Harper Government.

However, Justin Trudeau’s time in office coincides with China’s increasing belligerence and attempt to dominate others, a shift from the more subtle and collaborative approach the country had taken before Xi Jinping rose to prominence.

And yet, not only has Justin Trudeau not responded to the clear change in China’s outlook, but he has seemingly sought to deepen Canada’s ties to China, even in the face of all the evidence showing why that is such a mistake.

The latest example of this is perhaps the most concerning, and that’s saying something given Trudeau’s history of selling Canada out to China.

As we already knew, China’s military researchers had a large amount of access to Canada’ National Microbiology Laboratory, with seven scientists from China’s ‘Special Pathogens Unit’ being given access.

Further, a researcher – Feihu Yan – who just so happens to be part of the People’s Liberation Army Academy of Military medical Sciences, worked at the lab.

Now, as Lorne Gunter wrote about in the Toronto Sun, it turns out that top Chinese Military scientists had access to the lab without a security clearance:

“There have also been reports from several sources that Chinese military researchers were frequent guests at the NML in Winnipeg, sometimes without security clearance.

You and I could not get into the NML without an extensive background check, in advance.

Most of these connections are probably just coincidences. But even if the NML firings turn out to be nothing more than inappropriate sharing of intellectual property (rather than top secrets), they are yet another example of the Trudeau government’s too-coziness with the Chinese Communists. Its unwillingness to believe the Chinese government is up to no good.

As Gunter notes, Trudeau continues to trust China despite how foolish and absurd that is:

When the pandemic was just beginning to spread beyond China’s borders, the Trudeau government promised Beijing it would not ban flights from the virus’s epicentre.”

It has invited senior Chinese officers to come to Canada to observe our military’s winter training methods.

And my favourite, our Prime Minister wanted all of us to get Chinese vaccines rather than Western ones. He was so keen, he even instructed the National Research Council (NRC) to give Chinese military scientists formulas the NRC had developed, only to have the Chinese government cut off our access to their research once they had our secret data.”

Trudeau attacks Canadians rather than defend our nation

In Question Period, the Conservatives brought up these disturbing concerns.

Justin Trudeau’s response?

He accused the Conservatives of racism:

“This is quite something. Justin Trudeau is asked about safeguarding Canadian institutions after scientists shared research with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. Justin Trudeau responds with a lecture about “anti-Asian racism” and “diversity.””

This is how countries are taken over from within

Weak and naïve nations are often undermined from within, as more ruthless individuals in foreign countries figure out how to exploit that weakness.

Justin Trudeau’s response is exactly what Communist China would want.

As they seek to co-opt leaders and nations around the world, accusing people of racism is the most effective smokescreen and deflection.

Trudeau is playing completely into their hands.

China has accurately identified political correctness as a weakness of the Western World, particularly Canada, and they will exploit that weakness ruthlessly.

“Trudeau is accusing the Conservatives of racism for raising concerns about Communist China’s Military having access to our National Microbiology Laboratory. This is why Canada is such an easy target for China, pathetic political correctness that allows us to be co-opted.”


The irony here is that the rise in anti-Asian racism (which is abhorrent and must be opposed), is due to in large part to the actions of Communist China, actions which have sadly given racist individuals an ‘excuse’ (though obviously unacceptable), to act in a racist manner.

The more strongly the Canadian government pushes back on China, and elevates the voices of Chinese individuals who oppose the Chinese Communist Party, the more we can expect racism to decline.

Instead, Trudeau has chosen an approach that seeks to silence legitimate questions, deflect the discussion, attack Canadians as racist for supporting national security, and will lead to a further rise in racism and a more angry and divided nation.

In short, Trudeau’s approach weakens our national security, leaves us open to being further co-opted by China, and destabilizes the country.

At some point, Canadians of all political stripes must acknowledge that there is something seriously wrong with how Justin Trudeau approaches China, and that our country cannot afford to be ‘led’ by someone who is so unwilling to defend our nation from a ruthless regime.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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