Trudeau’s ‘Racism’ Deflection On China Is A Strategy Based On Weakness & Desperation

The PM knows Canadians (including many members of his own party) have decisively turned against his appeasement approach to China, and he’s playing the race card to deflect from that reality.

In an outrageous move, Justin Trudeau has shown once again that he would rather demonize Canadians as ‘racists,’ rather than defend Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory from China’s Military influence:

“In the House today, @CandiceBergenMP asked PM @JustinTrudeau about Canada’s work with Chinese military scientists at our most secure bio-lab in Winnipeg. He answered a different question. When she asked again, he cried racism. Watch and RT #cdnpoli

Then Bergen let him have it.”

Trudeau also said the same thing when Erin O’Toole asked similar questions, showing this is a clear strategy on Trudeau’s part.

He is trying to exploit the terrible rise in anti-Asian racism to silence criticism of the Chinese Communist Party and China’s effort to co-opt Canadian institutions.

And yet, Trudeau’s strategy has been met with widespread ridicule.

At this point, many people simply aren’t buying the act anymore.

I even took a short moment to check the coverage on CBC, and even they pushed back somewhat, noting that the concerns around the lab and China’s military access were real.


When someone launches such a laughable attack, especially an attack as predictable as Trudeau (a noted wearer of blackface on multiple occasions) launched by playing the race card, it’s clear that there is some desperation going on.

And for Trudeau, it is abundantly clear that he’s desperate to distract from the growing attention being focused on China’s connections to Canada, particularly the National Microbiology Lab.

Note, this comes at a time when renewed questions are being asked about the Wuhan Institute of Virology, with a growing sense that virus originated there, rather than at a wet market as previously proposed.

Indeed, even the Biden Administration is pushing for a renewed probe into the origins of the pandemic.

Further, the Canadian National Microbiology Lab has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, with some Chinese nationals who worked there being fired and escorted out of the building, all while the government seems stunningly reluctant to share what took place.

The government would also like you to forget that people were banned and cancelled for even bringing up the Wuhan Lab Leak theory, until ‘mainstream’ voices started talking about it:

“Thus, the newfound embrace of the Wuhan Lab-Leak Theory – which is only now ‘allowed’ to be talked about because ‘credible experts’ are talking about it, demonstrates how dangerous it is to shut down free expression and wait for the ‘right’ people to speak out.

Many people were cancelled for ‘daring’ to say that China couldn’t be trusted, and those people haven’t gotten any sort of an apology from the politicians and establishment media who have since made this total shift on the issue.”

Add to all of that the links between the Canadian National Microbiology Lab and the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and it’s clear that some in the Canadian government are all of a sudden not big fans of ‘openness and transparency.’

And no, those links aren’t a ‘conspiracy theory,’ they are straight up facts:

“Scientists working at Canada’s highest-security infectious-disease laboratory have been collaborating with Chinese military researchers to study and conduct experiments on deadly pathogens.

Seven scientists in the special pathogens unit at the National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) in Winnipeg and Chinese military researchers have conducted experiments and co-authored six studies on infectious diseases such as Ebola, Lassa fever and Rift Valley fever. The publication dates of the studies range from early 2016 to early 2020.

The Globe and Mail has also learned that one of the Chinese researchers, Feihu Yan, from the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) Academy of Military Medical Sciences, worked for a period of time at the Winnipeg lab, a Level 4 facility equipped to handle some of the world’s deadliest diseases. This researcher is credited as a co-author on all six of the papers. However, on two of them, he is listed as being affiliated with both the Winnipeg lab and the military medical academy.”

For those who try to dismiss this as ‘usual research co-operation,’ they would need to explain why CSIS was so worried:

“Two of the Winnipeg lab scientists, Xiangguo Qiu and her biologist husband, Keding Cheng, were fired in January of this year after the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, as The Globe reported last week, recommended that their security clearances be removed on national-security grounds. CSIS had also been concerned about the nature of information Dr. Qiu might have passed on to China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Dr. Qiu, the former head of the Vaccine Development and Antiviral Therapies section at the Winnipeg lab’s Special Pathogens Program, co-authored five of the studies. Dr. Cheng participated in one study on Ebola.”

Dismissing all of this as nothing, and pushing ‘racism’ instead is absolutely pathetic.


However, more than just desperation, Trudeau’s rhetoric of racism is also an admission of weakness.

Trudeau has shown himself unable to muster up even a limited bit of strength in terms of defending Canada’s national interests.

In Question Period, he seemed unwilling to even say ‘China,’ echoing his previous move of refusing to say China’ was committing genocide, even as most Liberal MPs defied his wishes and supported that declaration.

That vote on the genocide declaration showed there is a powerful, multi-partisan consensus on China, a consensus that Trudeau continues to defy.

Trudeau is so far out of step with Canadian public opinion on China (with the vast majority wanting a harder line), and is seen as so weak in international affairs, that the only thing he has left is to try and stoke domestic division.

That is the final ‘refuge’ of weak leaders:

If they can’t defend their own nation, they seek to divide it internally, and hope the split works out for them.

Hence the strategy of accusing people of being racist for not wanting China’s Communist Military to have access to Canada’s Microbiology Lab.

Given Trudeau’s appalling and disturbing rhetoric – which shows a willingness to tear the country apart and also an unwillingness to stand up to China – I urge you to contact your MP, and respectfully contact Liberal MPs to make it clear that Trudeau’s rhetoric is unacceptable to the Canadian People, and that we demand a strong response to China’s efforts to co-opt our institutions, rather than insults against our fellow Citizens.


Spencer Fernando

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