A Guilt-Ridden & Demoralized Country Cannot Defend Itself

If our leaders expect us to feel nothing but shame for the past, and demonize us when we seek to defend the national interest, what do they think will be the end result?

Is it racist to oppose a foreign Communist military having access to our National Microbiology Lab?

Justin Trudeau thinks it is.

As we recently saw, Trudeau launched into a pathetic ‘racism’ smear against the Conservatives when they brought up the disturbing fact that officials in China’s military had large-scale access to the lab:

“This is quite something. Justin Trudeau is asked about safeguarding Canadian institutions after scientists shared research with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. Justin Trudeau responds with a lecture about “anti-Asian racism” and “diversity.””

As I noted in an article, Trudeau’s approach is dangerous:

“Instead, Trudeau has chosen an approach that seeks to silence legitimate questions, deflect the discussion, attack Canadians as racist for supporting national security, and will lead to a further rise in racism and a more angry and divided nation.

In short, Trudeau’s approach weakens our national security, leaves us open to being further co-opted by China, and destabilizes the country.”

With that in mind, we have to consider the broader implications of Trudeau’s recent remarks, and the approach he and many politicians have taken in recent years.

Guilt above all else

When someone feels guilty about something, they aren’t in a frame of mind to stand up for themselves or defend their interests.

That’s why guilt has been used as a form of control by institutions throughout history.

And of course, guilt has a place, considering that terrible actions should elicit guilty feelings.

However, for a leader of a country to repeatedly attempt to instill a sense of guilt on the population is a deeply dangerous move, because it robs people of the confidence they need to accurately assess the interests of their nation.

For example, if Canada is supposed to be judged in the present moment based on the past, why does Trudeau and the Liberal government not hold other countries accountable for their actions in the present?

Trudeau has said Canada committed genocide, yet won’t say the same about China’s current actions in Xinjiang province.

In 2016, Trudeau and the Liberals (with the exception of a few Liberal MPs), voted against a motion that said ISIS was committing genocide.

Think about that.

When it comes to Communist China and ISIS, Trudeau won’t say the word ‘genocide.’

When it comes to Canada, he’s glad to throw the country under the bus.

Making matters even more absurd, Trudeau backed a report that declared Canada was in the midst of an ‘ongoing genocide,’ meaning Trudeau was claiming a genocide was occurring on his watch.

This is what happens when someone is consumed with the anti-Western and anti-Canadian ideology that sees everything through the lens of ‘colonialism,’ ‘race,’ and ‘oppression.’

In that messed-up worldview, there has to be a clear bad guy and a clear good guy, and since the Western world is supposedly nothing but colonialism and exploitation, the West must always be the bad guy, and any other society and culture – no matter what horrific acts and crimes take place there – is always the scrappy underdog who deserves support.

It’s absurd, but it’s also dangerous, because it’s an idea that’s in the heads of many of our leaders, including Justin Trudeau.

Thus, Canadians are demonized when they try to take pride in Canada’s history, or express support for the values that Canada inherited from Western Civilization.

Quebec is the exception, and they have power because of it

You’ll notice that unlike the rest of Canada, Quebec largely ignores the politically-correct guilt-ridden narrative.

They take pride in their history, and their culture, and they strongly defend it.

This gives Quebec a confidence that is in stark contrast to the guilt-ridden attitude in much of the rest of Canada.

As a result, Quebec has tremendous power in Canada, as they push harder for what they want and end up getting it.

It’s no coincidence that Quebec is stronger for eschewing guilt.

How will Canada stand up for ourselves?

With all of that in mind, let’s again consider what Justin Trudeau said in response to questions about the Chinese Communist Military having access to Canada’s National Microbiology Lab.

His first response – an almost instinctual response from him – was to accuse people of being racist for asking questions.

Accusing someone of racism is a way of trying to induce guilt, and the purpose of inducing guilt would be to end that line of questioning and put the person on the defensive.

It’s the exact tactic China itself uses, as when they said people were racist for wanting border shutdowns when the pandemic was starting – claims the Liberals also replicated at the time.

It is very telling, and very disturbing, that Trudeau’s first response was to induce guilt among Canadians, rather than stand up for Canada’s national security.

His remarks were so disturbing that Conservative MP Nelly Shin issued a very strong response in the House of Commons:

“Conservative MP Nelly Shin, born in South Korea, raised in Toronto, representing Coquitlam, raises a point of order on Justin Trudeau throwing accusations of “anti-Asian racism” at the Conservatives yesterday. Powerful statement. Watch and RT #cdnpoli”


As many have noted, Trudeau himself came closer to racism than anyone in the House of Commons during this debate, since his first response was to link Asian-Canadians to the Chinese Communist Military, completely playing into the hands of those who wrongly seek to demonize innocent people for the actions of the Chinese Communist Party.

Canada must move beyond guilt

Canada has much to be proud of.

Both in terms of the values we inherited from Western Civilization, and what our country has achieved.

Even the negative aspects of our past have a positive aspect, because we are willing to look at the past, learn from it, and improve.

Yet, that desire to improve must not be twisted into some sort of never-ending guilt, because a sense of pride and Patriotism is necessary for the people of a country to see their nation as something deserving of being defended and protected.

Canadians must have the strength to reject those who seek to impose guilt upon us, and must commit ourselves to standing up for our country in a dangerous world.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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