We Can’t Let The Tragic Kamloops Discovery Be Used By Those Who Want To Wipe Out Canadian History

To ignore all the good our country has accomplished, and to deny the strength of the ideas and civilization that helped build Canada would be a very dangerous move, and that’s exactly how some people want it.

As I wrote following the discovery of the remains of 215 children at the site of the former Kamloops residential school, politicians are much more likely to use the moment for performative emotion, rather than tangible improvements:

“An unfortunate reality of our world is that it is very easy to go in front of a camera and cry, and then get credit for ‘caring so much,’ and then to walk away and do nothing.

This has been the recent history of how many Canadian politicians approach the struggles facing many Indigenous People.

It’s very easy for Jagmeet Singh to go on TV, talk about ‘genocide’ (note how he didn’t use the term ‘cultural genocide’ as he pushes for an even stronger emotional reaction), tear up, and ‘show’ that he cares a lot, but it would be far tougher for him to propose cutting our foreign aid budget and redirecting that money to people actually living in our country.

The same with Justin Trudeau and even the Conservative Party.

They all often seem able to muster up a show of emotion, yet keep the same unjust foreign aid spending in place, while many Indigenous Canadians go without the support that every Citizen of our nation should be able to count on.”

And, as if on cue, we are now seeing virtue-signalling run rampant:

Already, a school in Calgary has been renamed:

“The Calgary Board of Education has passed a motion to rename Langevin School to Riverside School.

The name change is “effective immediately,” the CBE said in a release Tuesday morning.

Trustees held a special board meeting on Monday to approve the change.”

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi is pushing for further renamings.

He wants Bishop Grandin High School renamed, in addition to Langevin:

“Nenshi also called on the Calgary Board of Education and the Calgary Catholic School Board to change the names of Langevin School and Bishop Grandin High School — schools named after prominent figures in Canada’s residential school program.”

And in Charlottetown, a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald has been taken down:

“On Monday evening, Charlottetown city council voted to remove a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first prime minister, from a downtown corner. By 7 a.m. Tuesday, it was gone.

Council voted unanimously to remove the statue just weeks after voting to accept recommendations from local First Nations people for changes to it.”

Continued effort to wipe out Canadian history

What we are seeing here is that the tragic Kamloops discovery is being manipulatively used by those who want to wipe out Canadian history.

A large portion of Canada’s political and corporate class are now either willing or unwilling tools of the radical left.

It’s a mindset that claims every European influence on Canada is somehow bad and should be erased. They cast Canada as ‘nothing but colonialism,’ and act as if everyone who built up Canada did so only through oppressing others.

There’s no acknowledgment of the achievement of building the infrastructure that made Canada possible, no respect for the legal system that helped bring a coherent civilization to a vast far-flung nation, and no understanding of how Canada was turned into a strong and successful economy that was able to make incredible historic contributions, including our effort for the Allies in World War Two.

It’s a deep irony, especially when we ask this question:

If Canada was founded by ‘bad and evil’ people, why do so many people want to immigrate here and live here?

How can ‘evil colonialists’ have built such a great country?

Furthermore, there is a continuous denial of the fact that the values of Western Civilization – particularly the emphasis on the Individual – has produced the most prosperous, free, and just countries in history.

No, all of this being thrown out and denied, in the grips of a manipulative narrative that harnesses real emotion while twisting it and directing it towards hatred of the past, rather than effort for the future.


Now, here’s something that will be controversial, and few are willing to say it:

The history of every civilization involves a large amount of bloodshed and conquest.

That is certainly true of European civilizations.

However, it is also equally true of the Indigenous civilizations.

Few are willing to admit this.

The largest Indigenous nations didn’t start out as large as they became at their height.

They started small, as every civilization does.

They grew, they fought, and they conquered other Indigenous nations, often with horrific acts of violence that are seen in every major conflict.

Should there be ‘truth and reconciliation’ between the smaller Indigenous nations that were conquered and absorbed, and the Indigenous civilizations that conquered them?

Then, the most powerful Indigenous civilizations were confronted by European civilizations, and were in turn conquered, though in many cases Indigenous nations and European nations worked together to defeat common enemies amid shifting alliances.

Now, this is not to say that Canada should look the other way and ignore our past. Indeed, I think we should investigate all Residential School sites and ensure there is closure for the families of those who were lost.

But what I am saying is that it is naïve and foolish to pretend that violence was something limited to European civilizations. Every civilization, with no exceptions, has expanded through violence and conquest.

To only notice this when it was done by Europeans, but to ignore it when it was done by Indigenous nations, is what leads many to see that there is a deeper agenda at play.

Destroying confidence

As we know, the more a country loses confidence in itself, the easier it is to control.

Politicians, and multinational corporations have an interest in wiping away national identity, and replacing it with consumer identity.

The more a nation loses any sense of pride and confidence, the more that nation can be plundered and exploited, with any resistance or expression of the national interest denounced.

And, with China seeking to expand their power – an agenda many big corporations share as they seek cheap labour – and with politicians seeking to destroy the buying power and bargaining power of Citizens, a de facto alliance between large corporations and the far-left has emerged.

We can see this in how – just as many people were starting to feel more unified and were hoping to assert national interests, the issue of ‘race’ surged again, a sure-fire way to keep people angry and divided.

So, when we see the reaction to the Kamloops discovery be turned into another effort to wipe out Canadian history, rather than take real steps to help improve the lives of Canada’s Indigenous People, you can be sure that ‘helping’ isn’t on the agenda, while ‘division and control’ certainly are.

Spencer Fernando

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