Demoralize & Divide: Former Trudeau Senate Representative Tries Twisting Canada’s History To Push Chinese Communist Party-Style Messaging

Sadly, this was predictable.

In a recent column, I wrote about how a guilt-ridden and demoralized Canada will be unable to stand up for ourselves:

“For example, if Canada is supposed to be judged in the present moment based on the past, why does Trudeau and the Liberal government not hold other countries accountable for their actions in the present?

Trudeau has said Canada committed genocide, yet won’t say the same about China’s current actions in Xinjiang province.

In 2016, Trudeau and the Liberals (with the exception of a few Liberal MPs), voted against a motion that said ISIS was committing genocide.

Think about that.

When it comes to Communist China and ISIS, Trudeau won’t say the word ‘genocide.’

When it comes to Canada, he’s glad to throw the country under the bus.

Making matters even more absurd, Trudeau backed a report that declared Canada was in the midst of an ‘ongoing genocide,’ meaning Trudeau was claiming a genocide was occurring on his watch.

This is what happens when someone is consumed with the anti-Western and anti-Canadian ideology that sees everything through the lens of ‘colonialism,’ ‘race,’ and ‘oppression.’

In that messed-up worldview, there has to be a clear bad guy and a clear good guy, and since the Western world is supposedly nothing but colonialism and exploitation, the West must always be the bad guy, and any other society and culture – no matter what horrific acts and crimes take place there – is always the scrappy underdog who deserves support.

It’s absurd, but it’s also dangerous, because it’s an idea that’s in the heads of many of our leaders, including Justin Trudeau.

Thus, Canadians are demonized when they try to take pride in Canada’s history, or express support for the values that Canada inherited from Western Civilization.”

When the Conservatives raised concerns about China and Canada’s National Microbiology Lab, Justin Trudeau accused Conservatives of racism.

Of course, that is similar to what the Chinese Communist Party itself claims, as they seek to silence criticism.

China knows how to manipulate the West, and they know that accusations of racism will coerce many people into pathetic submission.

They have also repeatedly claimed that Canada shouldn’t say anything about genocide in Xinjiang Province, due to Canada’s history of Residential Schools.

Indeed, by claiming that Canada was committing genocide, Justin Trudeau played into those arguments.

And now, Trudeau’s former representative in the Senate is making that argument explicitly, as he seeks to push back on a motion calling China’s actions in Xinjiang (which include forced sterilization, a million people in ‘reeducation camps,’ forced labour, and mass rape) a genocide.

Senator Peter Harder called the motion “moral superiority and self-righteousness.”

“The Trudeau government’s former representative in the Senate says a proposed motion in the Red Chamber to condemn China’s treatment of ethnic Muslim minorities as genocide smacks of “moral superiority and self-righteousness,” given Canada’s past conduct toward Indigenous people including in residential schools.

Senator Peter Harder, a former deputy minister of Foreign Affairs who later headed the Canada-China Business Council, recently spoke in the Senate to oppose a motion that would say the Chinese government’s repression of Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims fits the United Nations’ definition of genocide. A similar motion has already passed the Commons, although Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet abstained from voting.”

You probably noticed the big red-flag here, with Harder having been head of the Canada-China Business Council.

That seems to point to a big interest in Canada and China maintaining a large trading relationship, and trading with China of course increasingly requires pushing Beijing’s narrative on all issues.

So, Harder is seeking to exploit current events to demoralize Canadians (the danger of guilt-ridden messaging I warned of) and prevent criticism of China:

“Mr. Harder, however, urged fellow senators to consider Canada’s conduct toward Indigenous people before they vote.

He noted that the debate is occurring after “the tragic discovery” of unmarked graves containing the remains of 215 children and “adds to the indictment of our centuries-long practice of residential schools, forced sterilization and what the former chief justice of Canada described as cultural genocide of our Indigenous peoples,” the senator said.

“This horrifying reality of our history stands in rather cynical contrast to the tone of moral superiority and self-righteousness contained in the motion before us tonight.””

How would this attitude have worked throughout history?

Imagine if people held this same demoralized attitude in the past:

“Well, here in 1939 Germany is doing some pretty terrible things, but Canada’s not perfect, so we should refrain from criticizing the German government.”

That kind of attitude would have literally made WW2 impossible to fight, because it would have eliminated the ability to make a moral judgement about the horrific crimes of the fascist regimes of the time.

Stunningly, Harder seems unable to differentiate between past acts, and current acts.

The past cannot be changed, but the future is being created as we speak.

To claim that negative past actions by a country means they can’t criticize negative current actions is absurd, and would lead to no country every intervening no matter how brutal another country acted.

Harder’s rhetoric is clearly designed to put Canadians on the defensive and provide ‘moral cover’ for the Chinese Communist Party.

“Taking up the CCP propaganda line, Senator Peter Harder – plucked from the China trade lobby to organize Trudeau’s 2015 transition to office – uses graves of indigenous children and “anti-Asian hate” pretext to defend Beijing against rebuke over its genocide in #Xinjiang.”

Proven correct

While Harder claims Canada needs to be more ‘humble,’ humility is our problem.

Canada needs more confidence, acknowledging our imperfect history while also feeling pride in our effort to improve and defend individual rights and freedoms, including the many thousands of Canadians who gave up their lives to defeat tyrannical regimes.

So, I won’t hesitate to confidently point out that Harder’s attempt to demoralize people and cover for China completely vindicates my warning about the danger of fostering a guilt-ridden attitude.

Without a sense of pride in history, and without an acknowledgement and understanding that Canada has some strong values and is worth defending, it becomes impossible to stand up for anything, or to stand against anything.

Canada needs more confidence, strength, and courage, rather than weak ‘humility’ that gives a pass to ruthless governments.

Spencer Fernando

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