The Neo-Communists Are Salivating At The Chance To Fill The Vacuum Being Created By Our Cowardly ‘Leaders’

As a statue of Winston Churchill is desecrated and Kingston tears down their statue of John A. Macdonald, does anyone believe the neo-communists will leave this vacuum unfilled? Or, like we saw in Communist States of the past, will they begin pushing their own ‘idols’ and their own version of history?

One of the biggest blind-spots we have in Canada – and indeed in much of the Western world – is the believe that we can create a vacuum and then leave it unfilled.

We have seen this with the decline of organized religion.

In place of organized religions we have seen the rise of quasi-religions movements centered around ‘wokeness’ and the environment, with the same aspects of ‘purity,’ ‘punishment,’ ‘salvation,’ and ‘guilt’ that are often at the centre of religious institutions.

Traditionally, people have found meaning in family, religious faith and love of their country. Usually, a combination of all three.

When regimes have tried to overturn this, it generally hasn’t lasted long, or involved such brutal suppression that the moment the regime was overturned, traditional ways snapped back into place.

Consider the Soviet Union.

They officially outlawed religion, destroyed tens of thousands of churches, desecrated and destroyed religious monuments, punished people for expressing faith, and enforced decades of forced-atheism on their territory.

Yet, when the Soviet Union fell, the percentage of people who called themselves religious surged massively, showing that the Soviets hadn’t changed minds, they had simply used state power and fear to suppress what people felt and thought.

Ironically, the Soviet’s crudely mimicked many aspects of religion, putting up statues of their leaders, putting Lenin’s corpse on display as a kind of god, and copying religious iconography for the quasi-deification of their leaders.

All of this crumbled rapidly when the state could no longer enforce it with fear and the threat of brutal punishment.


Today, we are seeing a resurgence of Marxist thinking, in what we can describe as ‘Neo-Communism’.

Like ‘neo-fascists,’ neo-communists are attempting to resurrect one of the ideologies that caused such massive death and destruction in the 20th century.

To do this, they must first seek to demoralize society and uproot our foundation, an effort which is clearly well-under way.

With the focus on casting Canada’s founders and our history as nothing but evil, the very idea of Canada as a nation is being challenged.

But this goes beyond just Canada’s past and our leaders. We are seeing increasing attacks on those who helped build and defend Western Civilization itself.

In Edmonton, Neo-Communists desecrated a statue of Winston Churchill.

In response to the vandalism, Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson gave a pathetically weak statement:

“I don’t know the intent behind the vandalism, but I know historical monuments and sculptures, here and elsewhere, are at the heart of an emotional debate regarding what legacies and stories we venerate as a society,” Iveson said.

“The city welcomes healthy debate and discussion on issues of inclusiveness, and how we go about addressing historical wrongdoings and inequities like systemic racism. However, I believe there are more productive ways to move society along towards a more inclusive and uplifting future, than vandalizing city property.

“The most productive debate and balanced community discussions are where facts can be shared and public input can be heard.”

That’s the kind of response we generally see when Neo-Communists desecrate statues and property. Such a weak response only emboldens them, and leads to more extreme acts.

As Pierre Poilievre noted on Twitter, this also raises questions about what people are being taught:

“Don’t schools teach history anymore?

Now the woke warriors attack the statue of Winston Churchill–the greatest anti-fascist of all time. He beat Hitler and Mussolini for crying out loud.

Do these vandals wish he had lost?”

To answer the first question raised by Poilievre, many schools are indeed teaching a guilt-based, anti-Western narrative that casts the West as nothing but oppression of others.

And to answer the second question, many of the vandals do wish we had lost… to the Communists.

And this isn’t even a secret.

Many of those leading these movements to tear down our past will openly advocate for socialism and pro-Communist messages, showing that they would have preferred for the Soviet Union to have triumphed in the Cold War, likely want China to become the world’s dominant power, and seek to put Communists into power here in Canada.

A key issue is that our society has largely lost the wariness we had during the Cold War, and has let down our guard when it comes to Communism.

Remember, in the 20th century the Western World fought against both fascism and communism.

Both were brutal and murderous ideologies that killed millions of people, and sought to subdue the entire world. Communists and fascists even united at the start of World War Two with the Hitler-Stalin Pact, something Marxists and Neo-Communists want everyone to forget.

After WW2, it was in fact Winston Churchill who warned of the Iron Curtain descending upon much of Europe, and who along with the United States and the other Allied Nations began fully recognizing the true intentions of the Soviet Union to impose domination, rather than allow democracy to flourish.

Thus, the Cold War began, a long struggle between a Western world that (though often imperfect), maintained a focus on individual rights and freedoms, in contrast to the Soviet focus on collectivism and state power.

That struggle was seemingly won by the democratic capitalist states.

Yet, the struggle has begun anew, with China seeking to export their totalitarian Communist governance, and Neo-Communists seeking to tear down the confidence and history of the Western Nations.

Filling the vacuum

To truly comprehend the risk, we must consider what the Neo-Communists will do if they succeed.

Erasing the past is only the first step.

They create a vacuum, and then seek to fill it.

And they will fill it with those who oppose individual freedom, who oppose free exchange and commerce, and who venerate state power above all else.

They will silence their opponents, use threats of violence to quash dissent, and eliminate democracy and individual freedom as we know it.

This is what Communists do whenever they take power, and if it seems suspiciously similar to what fascists do when they gain power then that will give you an idea of why the Western World fought both in the 20th century, and why we must stand up to both again.

Do you really think they won’t put up new statues?

Do you really think they won’t pass up the chance to impose their own vision of history (which will of course be very ‘Communist-friendly’)?

The more our ‘leaders’ give in, the more they try to appease and win over the Neo-Communists, the more we will see that vacuum grow and the more it will be filled by those who are deeply hostile to everything Canada is based upon.

Spencer Fernando

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