The RCMP Must Be Deployed To Protect Catholic Churches

Federal government & provincial leaders had no problem deploying the RCMP & police to shut down religious services, so the least they can do is deploy the RCMP to stop arsonists from burning down places of worship.

With a spate of Catholic Churches being burned down, it is becoming clear that a targeted campaign of arson is taking place.

Notably, while the media loves to talk about politicians ‘inciting’ and ‘enabling’ violence when discussing the right-wing, there has been a complete absence of that narrative despite politicians like Justin Trudeau and particularly Jagmeet Singh pushing extremely negative views about Canada and our history.

As a result, the idea of hating Canada and deflecting blame onto the Catholic Church (which Trudeau would love to do in order to give his father a free pass), has emboldened people literally burn down places of worship.

Consider what Jagmeet Singh had said about Canada:

“Our Canada is a place where you can’t walk down the streets if you wear a hijab because you will be killed—this is our Canada. We can’t deny it,” says Jagmeet Singh re: London attack.

“How many more families will be killed before we do something?” the NDP leader asks.”

Totally unhinged rhetoric.

What did Singh think would be the result of basically calling an entire country a racist place where people are constantly killed?

And when it comes to Justin Trudeau, he has tried focusing more attention on the Catholic Church, demanding an apology by the Pope on Canadian soil, ignoring the fact that the Pope (Benedict), had already apologized in the past:

“Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Pope Francis should come to Canada and apologize on behalf of the Catholic Church for its role in running residential schools for Indigenous children, after hundreds of bodies were located in two unmarked graves.

Trudeau said Friday in Ottawa that he spoke with the pope one day after Cowessess First Nation announced that some 751 unmarked graves at the site of the former Marieval Residential School in Saskatchewan, the Canadian province that borders Montana and North Dakota.

“I have spoken personally directly with His Holiness Pope Francis to press upon him how important it is not just that he makes an apology but that he makes an apology to Indigenous Canadians on Canadian soil,” Trudeau told reporters.

“I know that the Catholic Church leadership is looking and very actively engaged in what next steps can be taken,” he added.”

Notice how Trudeau has little to say about his own father, or the fact that the Liberals were in power during much of that time.

Clearly, Trudeau is engaged in an effort to make sure the Catholic Church is the focus, rather than anyone who could be linked to him.

7 Churches burned before Trudeau comments

When a young girl claimed her Hijab had been cut on the street, Justin Trudeau immediately held a tearful press conference where he accused Canadians of being bigoted.

When that turned out to have been a hoax, Trudeau refused to apologize for demonizing Canadians.

Yet, it took Trudeau over a week, and after 7 Christian Churches were burned down, before he deigned to comment:

“This is not the way to go. The destruction of places of worship is unacceptable. And it must stop,” said Trudeau.

That’s literally the least Trudeau could do.

And the fact that it took 7 churches being burned down before he said anything is a disgrace, and people have been noticing this as the delay in Trudeau’s response went on:

“When a Peterborough mosque got some light smoke damage from apparent arson (still no arrests) he flew there within hours…..6 Catholic Churches torched to the ground…..not a phuking word”

“Five churches. Two weeks. Trudeau is letting the brazen attacks on Christianity go unanswered as he amps up his rhetoric against the Catholic Church.”

“Dear Canadian politicians and media, maybe it’s time to stop whipping up hatred against Catholics. 5 churches in a fortnight is a lot./”

“It took seven Catholic churches to be set on fire before Trudeau even said a word”

“If the worship spaces of any religion other than Christianity were being burned en masse across Canada, @JustinTrudeau would declare a state of emergency. Justin Trudeau doesn’t care about Christians.”

To his credit, Erin O’Toole had made a statement far earlier:

“Disturbing news in British Columbia today. My thoughts are with the Catholic community as this incident continues to be investigated. Violent and destructive attacks against any faith group in Canada are completely unacceptable.”

Conservative MP Michael Barrett has also noted that the burning of a Church is a hate crime:

“There have been a spike in acts of violence targeting Catholics. Burning a church is a hate crime and is unacceptable.”

Deploy the RCMP

Despite Canada being a country where the Constitution ostensibly guarantees ‘freedom of religion’ and ‘freedom of assembly,’ we’ve watched as the RCMP and provincial police (acting on the orders of politicians) raided religious services and even blockaded Churches, changing the locks, and jailing Pastors and faith leaders.

So, the argument that the police are ‘too busy’ to defend Churches rings hollow, since politicians clearly feel they have the time to use the police to shut down religious services.

Thus, it is now clearly time to ensure that Churches are protected, and we need to deploy the RCMP and provincial police to defend Christian Churches, particularly Catholic Churches as those are the Churches that are being targeted the most.

There must also be clear and strong penalties for those found to be burning down these Churches, as we cannot allow people to be further emboldened to burn things down in the pursuit of a political agenda.

And most importantly, we all need to start speaking out in defense of Canada.

The narrative being pushed, which has become all about guilt, all about ‘colonialism,’ and all about ‘cancelling Canada Day’ is destructive, and only encourages more anger and division.

Rather, we need to emphasize the positives about our country, focus on what brings Canadians together, and stand against those who are trying to manipulate emotions to tear Canada apart.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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