Canadians Must Regain Our Courage, Or Guilt & Fear Will Continue Being Used To Control Us

Fear & guilt, both closely linked, are now the favoured means of those in power.

Canadians are being manipulated to an extent that we haven’t seen in a long-time.

While politicians have long sought to influence the public through a variety of mediums, we are seeing something that reaches a new level:

Active demoralization of the Canadian population.

Most politicians through Canadian history generally pushed a message of increasing prosperity and positivity about our country.

At a most basic level, the idea was that Canada is a good place, and that every Canadian should have the opportunity to get wealthier.

This was a consensus among the main parties. And that makes sense, considering a positive view of Canada as a whole, and wanting to increase the prosperity of the Canadian People is the basic foundation of what Canada’s leaders should be trying to do.

But recently, particularly under the Trudeau Liberals and now the rising embrace of the ‘woke’ neo-com agenda, Canadians are being subjected to an incessant campaign of guilt and demoralization, meant to break down people’s sense of independence and deepen their reliance on the government, while pushing people to expect a lower standard of living.

Exploiting emotion to push an agenda

The idea of demoralizing Canadians has been ongoing for sometime.

Everything historical and traditional about Canada is being demonized, while everything ‘exotic’ or foreign is praised and held up.

It’s part of the Post-National-State Justin Trudeau and many of the elites have been pushing, with the idea that Canada would have no core identity and no unifying values.

We can go into all the reasons why this is happening, but a key aspect is that the less a country has a unified identity, the easier it is for the elites – both within the country and outside – to rob the country.

What has happened in the past few months is that the discovery of unmarked graves at some Residential Schools has done two things to drive this entire situation into overdrive.

First, it has given politicians like Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, the radical left, and much of the establishment media the opportunity to force the Post-National-Agenda.

Second, it has caused many people who would otherwise stand up for Canada’s history and values to feel defensive, and thus cede the political battleground to those who want to take down/weaken the country.

The narrative around the unmarked graves was hyperbolic from the start, with repeated references to ‘mass graves,’ with people attempting to imply that the children died in deliberate mass killings, and further the idea that Canada is nothing but a ‘genocidal’ nation.

The pushing of the ‘mass grave’ narrative also has the ‘advantage’ of bringing heavy emotions into the situation, and logical discussion (like asking questions about whether the number of graves found is actually out of step with what would have been expected given life expectancy, the period of time the graves were in operation, and the spread of disease over that period).

Another ‘advantage’ is that once the hyperbolic ‘mass grave’ narrative has been established, every new discovery of unmarked graves will drive a new cycle of outrage, emotion, and demands to demonize Canadian history. The guilt-narrative will be reestablished, and pushed even harder with every new discovery.

Government already erasing history

As people have started to notice, the neo-coms and establishment media love to first claim something ‘isn’t happening,’ and then immediately flip to saying it’s ‘good that it’s happening.’

So, with statues being torn down, we were first told that it wasn’t ‘about erasing history,’ and now we’re being told that Canadian history is ‘genocidal’ and ‘colonial,’ and that we must ‘decolonize’ the country, AKA saying it’s good that history is being erased.

And of course, it was never going to stop with statues.

Canada’s National Archives has deleted a webpage about Canada’s Prime Ministers, calling it ‘outdated, and redundant‘.

“Canada’s national library, which bills itself as “custodian of our distant past and recent history” has deleted a history of the prime ministers from its website, with archivists having labelled it “outdated and redundant.”

A search on the Library and Archives Canada website now yields an error page, and a news release entitled “spring cleaning” explains that the feature, called First Among Equals, has now been removed, along with a handful of other historical records.”

The government is also going further, and using our taxpayer dollars to push a propaganda campaign to push a narrative of Canada being a racist country, as reported by the National Post:

“Ottawa plans to launch a national ad campaign aimed at making more white Canadians knowledgeable about systemic racism.

Launching a public education and awareness campaign is part of the Liberal government’s anti-racism strategy.

That strategy says $3.3 million will be spent on a marketing effort.

Details of what Canadian Heritage is looking for in such a campaign, set to launch later this year, are included in documents posted on the government’s procurement website.

The department says its target audience is “non-racialized Canadian middle-aged adults” — defined as between 30 and 44 years old — living in any rural or urban area.”

Clearly, this is an effort to further entrench the narrative of Canada being a fundamentally bad country, and again imposing a sense of guilt on people who have done nothing wrong.

Hypocritical to the core

Now, we know how hypocritical all of this is.

Think about the message Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, and the other political/media elites are pushing. They simultaneously want to expand the role of the federal government and gain more power for themselves, while also claiming that the federal government and Canada itself are borderline illegitimate and based upon evil.

This fundamental hypocrisy is why they are trying to direct all the guilt and the blame away from the government, and onto the Canadian People.

They want you to feel guilty. They want you to be demoralized, and above all, they want you to feel fear.

Fear of what the government can do in terms of spreading propaganda and lies, fear of social ostracism if you go against the narrative, and fear of financial disaster if you are deemed to be ‘unwoke’ or ‘not progressive enough.’

That’s why we need to regain our sense of courage as Canadians.

Our country has long been sustained by courageous people.

We saw that courage in those who have built our country – often facing hostile conditions, and we’ve seen it in the many thousands of Canadians who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

Indeed, Canada was long seen as a tough and hardy country. It’s only been in recent years that the image of Canada as the ‘wokest’ and softest nation really emerged, and the idea of ‘Canadian niceness’ has been used to make many Canadians submissive and easily walked over by the government.

That’s why we must push back at the most fundamental level.

We need to stand for a Canada that is tough, decisive, and courageous.

We face the choice between being a country that is torn apart based upon guilt and fear, or a country that regains our confidence and finds the courage to stand up for ourselves and our values once again.

Spencer Fernando


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