If There Was Ever A Moment To Focus On Personal Health & Strength, This Is It. Instead, Many People Are Choosing Authoritarianism & Fear

Trying to control others instead of building up ourselves may seem like the ‘easy way out,’ but it will be far worse in the long-run.

In a recent series of Tweets, Mike Cernovich talked about how the impact of obesity on covid outcomes should be “issue number 1”:

“Why does covid kill obese people at a higher rate? I don’t mean a general explanation. What specifically happens?”

“I went down the rabbit hole of obesity and covid. Are any public health experts talking about mitochondria dysfunction and covid? There’s a lot of science on this point.”

“Seems like this should be issue number 1 in covid, not mandatory vaccines, but diet-and-lifestyle induced mitochondria dysfunction.”

“Harder than a job, but more effective?”

“- Second, obesity-induced chronic inflammation and disruptions of insulin and leptin signaling can result in impaired viral clearance and a disproportionate or hyper-inflammatory response.”

And here is the abstract of the study he shared:

“Emerging data suggest that obesity is a major risk factor for the progression of major complications such as acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), cytokine storm and coagulopathy in COVID-19. Understanding the mechanisms underlying the link between obesity and disease severity as a result of SARS-CoV-2 infection is crucial for the development of new therapeutic interventions and preventive measures in this high-risk group. We propose that multiple features of obesity contribute to the prevalence of severe COVID-19 and complications. First, viral entry can be facilitated by the upregulation of viral entry receptors, like angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), among others. Second, obesity-induced chronic inflammation and disruptions of insulin and leptin signaling can result in impaired viral clearance and a disproportionate or hyper-inflammatory response, which together with elevated ferritin levels can be a direct cause for ARDS and cytokine storm. Third, the negative consequences of obesity on blood coagulation can contribute to the progression of thrombus formation and hemorrhage. In this review we first summarize clinical findings on the relationship between obesity and COVID-19 disease severity and then further discuss potential mechanisms that could explain the risk for major complications in patients suffering from obesity.”

Cernovich also Tweeted this:

“Mandatory exercise passports.”

The point he’s making here of course is that it would make more sense to require people to exercise than it would to force vaccinations on everybody.

It’s similar to a point I made in an article questioning why we have socialized healthcare without having socialized fitness:

“How odd is it that the government has the power to destroy tens of thousands of businesses, order us locked in our homes, tell us not to gather with people even outside, but has nothing to say about physical fitness and even discourages it by shutting down gyms?

We have socialized healthcare, we had socialized lockdowns, and we had the socialized destruction of businesses, yet no socialized fitness?

It gets even more odd when you consider that a healthy population would dramatically reduce healthcare costs, reduce the cost of an aging population by keeping people healthier as they age, and would boost GDP through increases in productivity and mental health.

Yet, throughout the entire pandemic, the government took ZERO steps to improve our physical fitness, and imposed policies that made it worse.

The fact is, if the government expects us all to pay for healthcare, and if they expect us to shut down our economy to protect those who are unhealthy or at further risk, it is very strange that they don’t expect people to be physically fit.”

Weak, unfit, and scared

How many professional athletes have died of covid?

Do you know of any?

How many extremely fit people have died?

Did you know the majority of covid deaths in Canada occurred among people at or above the average life expectancy in this country?

Covid Death Chart
Chart: Health Canada

This is not to say those deaths are not tragic. To those who love somebody, their death is terrible and is a tragedy for those close to them.

The point is that since we can’t control age, but we can control fitness, a focus on fitness and warning people of the dangers of obesity would have been the wisest move.

If there was ever a moment for our country to wake up and realize that ambitious fitness goals, healthy eating, and physical resiliency were important and essential, this was it.

But instead of looking at their own personal responsibility and things they can control, far too many people have sought to control others, give more power to government, demonize those who chose not get vaccinated, and push all of their fear and anger onto external targets, rather than being motivated to improve themselves.

Thus, we see the push for vaccine passports, fearmongering about a ‘fourth-wave,’ and many politicians and members of the public alike who seem unwilling to let go of the fear-based crisis atmosphere.

Those who want power are taking advantage of the fact that many people are weak, unfit, and scared.

Laying the groundwork for authoritarianism requires a weak populace

It is no coincidence that people turn towards authoritarianism – whether communist or fascist forms – when they feel most vulnerable and afraid.

The same is true in ‘democracies.’

You can clearly see that the more scared people become, the more willing they are to give up their freedoms, and the more they seek to demonize those who push back against the loss of those freedoms.

So, if you were an authoritarian, power-obsessed politician, would you want a population of physically fit and healthy individuals?

Of course not.

You would want as many people as possible to be unfit and weak, making them all the more easy to dominate and control.

And you would never want the fear to go away.

Hence the ‘fourth-wave’ (despite deaths being way down), being discussed as the reason for more government control and once again delaying a return to normal.

And hence another UN report on global warming, already being spun by some to be seen as the ‘next crisis’ that will prevent us from going back to normal.

In this kind of era, where we see a clear battle between freedom and authoritarianism, the best thing we can all do is become as physically strong and healthy as possible, maintaining power in our bodies and in our minds so we can think and act with clarity, rather than being manipulated by those who want to use us for their own ends.

Spencer Fernando


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