As Conservatives Oppose Mandatory Vaccinations, Liberals & NDP Go Full Far-Left Authoritarian

Amazing how quickly we’ve gone from ’15 days to slow the spread’ to making people’s rights and freedoms conditional on doing what the government tells you.

With Canada now plunged into a Trudeau power-grab federal election, the first clear divide has emerged.

While the Conservative Party of Canada has often lacked toughness and courage when it comes to opposing the draconian expansion of government at the expense of the rights and freedoms of Canadians, the Liberals and NDP have gone so far towards far-left authoritarianism that it leaves the CPC has the only major party (party with a large amount of seats) that is at least somewhat supporting freedom and individual choice.

After a few days of trying to avoid taking a clear stand on the issue, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole has announced that the party opposes mandatory vaccinations:

“What they do not want is the politicization of the pandemic. Vaccines are not a political issue. To try and make them one is dangerous and irresponsible,” said O’Toole.

“We should be united on this, not divided, and Conservatives will not engage in this attempt to drive a wedge between Canadians,” he added.

O’Toole says the Conservatives will instead push for rapid testing for individuals going to work, and using large transportation vehicles (buses, planes, trains, large ships).

Now, I don’t see that as ideal either. It’s also very hypocritical for the CPC to have removed Yukon candidate Jonas J. Smith for saying basically the same thing O’Toole and the party is saying now.

It is long past time for this country to remove all restrictions and mandates, and realize that covid isn’t going to go away, and that life in this country must go on as normal.

Indeed, the whole point of vaccines was that death rates would go down and the virus would become less deadly in its impact, and this is exactly what has happened.

We were also told that 70% or so of people being vaccinated would be ‘enough,’ and Canada is already beyond that.

Once again, the goalposts have shifted.

Still, even though the CPC position – and the fact that they had to be pushed and pressured into opposing vaccine mandates – is less than ideal, the Liberals and NDP have gone so far in an authoritarian direction that the gap between them and the CPC on this issue is huge.

Trudeau’s statist authoritarian plan

Trudeau has effectively used the ‘boiling the frog’ strategy to steadily push Canada in a more authoritarian direction.

Imagine if, when the pandemic was beginning, Trudeau had said “at some point, you will need government-mandated proof of vaccination to get on a plane, train, or ship.”

People would have been shocked, and there would be nationwide outrage.

Remember, the Liberal government spent months saying the virus was ‘low-risk,’ and said we needed ’15 days to slow the spread.’

But, bit by bit, they’ve moved the country in a more authoritarian direction.

And at every moment, when vaccination goals are reached, they suddenly become ‘not enough.’

60-70% vaccinated isn’t enough, despite what they once claimed.

80% isn’t enough, despite what they once claimed.

85% won’t be enough, despite what they once claimed.

90% won’t be enough, despite what they once claimed.

Because it’s not about the actual result, it’s about expanding government control.

When they say it’s ‘not enough,’ they’re really talking about their own level of power.

Trudeau uses the freedom of Canadians as a cynical wedge issue

If the government was really ‘following the science’ as they claim, then the timing wouldn’t be political.

So, the fact that they pushed their vaccine mandates and vaccine passports just as the campaign began is obviously no coincidence.

The Trudeau Liberals are using the freedom of Canadians – or lack thereof – to try and further divide the nation for their political gain.

It’s cynical, but sadly it may be effective if Canadians don’t push back.

Much of this country has sadly embraced the fear-based narrative, and that fear has led many people to simply give in when the government demands more power, and – even worse – demand the government remove their own freedoms so they feel ‘safer.’

Feeling that fear is working, the Liberals are trying to make this into an ongoing election issue, attacking O’Toole for not forcing candidates to be vaccinated.

“Since O’Toole won’t make Conservative candidates get vaccinated, today we’re calling on him to protect public health by confirming he won’t campaign with unvaccinated Conservative candidates,” said Liberal minister Carolyn Bennett. “Mr. O’Toole is putting the communities he’ll visit at risk.”

NDP even worse

With the Liberals going far towards leftist authoritarianism, Jagmeet Singh on the NDP have decided to go in an even more extreme direction.

Singh is calling on the Liberals to impose vaccine passports and vaccine mandates by Labour Day, less than a month away.

Here’s what the NDP said in a press release:

“Just days before calling the election, Justin Trudeau said he would be creating a vaccine passport for international travel. He said it would be in place by “early this fall”. Days later, he announced plans to require vaccination later in the fall. Both measures lacked clear timelines.

“Canadian families should be able to access vaccine passports as easily as possible. And they should be able to use them here at home – not just when travelling internationally,” said Jagmeet. “Real leadership – and not just talk – would mean getting more provinces to sign on to a vaccine passport, and ensure the passport is in place by Labour Day.”

Jagmeet also called on Justin Trudeau to take further action to get more Canadians vaccinated, including:

    • A mandatory vaccination deadline for federal public servants and workers in federally-regulated industries by Labour Day.
    • Paid leave for workers in federally-regulated workplaces to get vaccinated.
    • Support from federal staff to bolster provinces’ efforts to get vaccines to people who face barriers.

“If Justin Trudeau really wants to protect Canadians, he needs to set real deadlines for vaccine passports and mandatory vaccinations for federal industries,” said Jagmeet. “The timelines I’m calling for are aggressive but doable. Canadians deserve more than Justin Trudeau’s empty talk. They deserve real action to keep them safe.”

This shows Singh not only backing Trudeau’s authoritarian moves, but also pushing for those moves at an even more rapid pace.

Thus, the Liberals and NDP offer no real difference, except the speed at which they will implement authoritarian, anti-freedom measures.

As a result, this means a win for Trudeau, and a large presence for the NDP in Parliament, would be a loss for the freedom of the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando


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