Callous Abandonment Of Afghans Who Helped Canada Further Widens Gap Between Who Trudeau Says He Is, And Who He Really Is

Trudeau is great at saying the right words to generate the image of a ‘caring’ leader. His actions show instead that he only cares about his own political fortunes to the exclusion of all else.

As we have seen in the past year and a half, a crisis shows who people really are.

We’ve seen some people hold true to their belief in individual freedom and personal rights, while many others – including many of Canada’s leading politicians – revealed themselves to be all too willing to restrict rights and expand their own power far beyond what anyone would have thought possible.

And now, with another crisis – the rapid collapse of the Afghan government and the Taliban takeover – we are seeing leaders revealed for who they really are.

I’ll start with Erin O’Toole.

While I’ve criticized him heavily – and will continue to do so when justified – I will also offer praise when justified.

On Afghanistan, he has been speaking out for some time on the need for Canada to have brought Afghan interpreters to Canada.

Had Trudeau listened early on as O’Toole and the Conservatives brought up this issue, many of the Afghan interpreters and Gurkhas who helped Canadian troops could have been brought to safety in Canada.

After all, those interpreters put themselves – and their families – at risk to help Canadian troops. Our country told them they would be helped.

Yet, they have instead been abandoned.

The election has made it worse, with reports that the military had a plan to help them, but that nothing is getting done because the government is too distracted by campaigning in the election Trudeau wanted:

“NEW FROM ME: There’s been a Canadian Forces non-combatant evac team in Kuwait since Friday, ready to begin a rescue mission in Kabul — but sources tell me neither the PMO or Global Affairs Canada will give CAF commanders the go-ahead.”

Afghans who helped Canada have been basically told to ‘go underground,’ and the Canadian government has shuttered our embassy in the country.

Also, Trudeau copied Erin O’Toole’s position on not recognizing the Taliban, a day after the Trudeau government took a ‘wait and see’ approach that was widely lambasted:

Trudeau said this only AFTER O’Toole said he would never recognize the legitimacy of the Taliban:

Jagmeet Singh has also been pushing for the interpreters to be brought to Canada.

While Singh is often just as authoritarian as Trudeau, and even pushes for far-left policies to be implemented even sooner, there is a certain genuineness to what Singh says, even when he is 100% wrong.

Despite both being politicians, Singh and O’Toole seem to possess at least a bare-bones sense of morality, which comes to the surface in instances like the need to keep our promise to those who helped our country in Afghanistan.

By contrast, Trudeau lacks that genuineness, and lacks the morality to see how horrendous it is for him to have put his own desire for power ahead of everything else.

As Bryan Passifiume wrote in the Toronto Sun, the election Trudeau caused has led many Afghans who helped Canada to be left behind:

“One embassy worker in contact with the Toronto Sun said he has been forced to watch half-empty airplanes depart from Kabul because Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) staff wouldn’t accept his paperwork without an embassy appointment to submit ‘biometric’ data including fingerprints and photos.”

Sources say Canadian military commanders are waging a battle of their own with both Global Affairs Canada and the Prime Minister’s Office to give the rescue mission the green light. They allege Sunday’s election call, and the burgeoning campaign is taking up almost all of Ottawa’s available bandwidth.”

This is who Trudeau is.

It’s about him.

Not about you, not about your family, not about your friends, not about your fellow Citizens.

All about Trudeau.

Remember the emotional posturing Trudeau did when the death of Syrian boy Alan Kurdi?

Remember how he acted as if he was some sort of caring person?

Well, being ‘caring’ served his interests at the time, and helped him gain power.

Now, being ‘caring’ about Afghan’s who helped our troops is inconvenient for him, so his government is instead focused on an election, and ignored the issue when people could have easily been brought to safety.

And of course, the media was all over that, because it helped to make Stephen Harper and the Conservatives look bad, but won’t pin nearly as much blame on Trudeau – since he’s now signing many of their cheques.

A continuing pattern with Trudeau

This is a pattern with Trudeau.

When push comes to shove, his words and actions never line up.

He was a big fan of ‘strong Indigenous women, until Jody Wilson-Raybould stood up to his attempt to bend the rules for his elitist corporatist pals.

He gets emotional talking about the struggles facing Indigenous People when he knows the cameras are on, but when he forget the cameras were on he arrogantly said ‘thank you for your donation’ to Indigenous protestors protesting mercury poisoning.

He’s said the relationship between the Canadian government and Indigenous people was the ‘most important’ to him, but he would rather give our money to foreign countries than actually end boil water advisories.

And on and on the lies go.

Here’s a list:

• 3 years of small deficits.

• “The budget will balance itself.”

• SNC-Lavalin was about ‘saving 9,000 jobs’ – refuted by SNC-Lavalin CEO

• End boil water advisories.

• Wouldn’t fight Veterans in court.

• Said border controls wouldn’t work when Covid wasn’t in Canada, supported them when it was already too late.

• Said Aga Khan was his friend – Ethics Commissioner refuted that when ruling Trudeau broke conflict of interest rules.

• Has repeatedly said Conservative Party didn’t support CERB program, despite all parties passing it in Parliament.

You can likely add many more to this list, as the lying has been continuous throughout Trudeau’s time in office.

In fact, lying – and the gap between his image/words and his actions – is the clear defining trait of Justin Trudeau has Prime Minister.

This of course makes Trudeau worse than most politicians, because not only is he completely self-interested, but he is more devious by masking his self-interest through the adoption of a completely different image. Many people are fooled by that image, and that has helped Trudeau get away with quite a lot, and do serious damage to this country.

Whatever happens in this election, it is essential that the Trudeau Liberals lose enough seats to be driven out of power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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