Authoritarian Moves By Trudeau & Ford Are A Disgrace

The endless moving of the goalposts by these so-called ‘leaders’ demonstrates how obsessed many of our politicians have become with expanding their power and infringing on our rights & freedoms.

In the 2019 election, Justin Trudeau & Doug Ford were big-time adversaries.

Trudeau in many ways campaigned more against Ford than he did against Scheer.

But this time, Trudeau & Ford seem fully united when it comes to pushing for more and more authoritarian governance.

I’ll start with Doug Ford.

Every step of the way, Ford has seemed to make a small move towards being pro-freedom, before rapidly surrendering and going completely the other way.

It’s been quite odd and often disturbing, as if he isn’t really in control of his own government, or is so scared of whoever advises him that he just caves every time.

The other possibility of course is that Ford – like many politicians – enjoys the massive expansion of power and authority leaders have seen during the past year and a half, and isn’t keen on giving it up.

The latest move by Ford – after delaying Ontario’s return to normal – is to mandate that all PC Caucus members have to be vaccinated, or be booted out:

“An email sent to caucus members by Chief Whip Lorne Coe and obtained by CTV News Toronto states PC MPPs must provide either he or Government House Leader Paul Calandra with proof of vaccination or a statement signed by a physician medically exempting them from vaccination.

They can also provide documentation of a previous positive test indicating “laboratory evidence of immunity.”

PC caucus members must provide this documentation by 5 p.m. on Thursday or they will be ejected from caucus.”

One of those MPPs, Rick Nicholls, made this statement:

“Ontario PC MPP Rick Nicholls on facing a 5pm deadline to take the vaccine or face Caucus expulsion:

‘Under no circumstances will I nor should any Ontarian be forced or coerced to do something against their will’”

“I voiced my concerns about our policy privately to the premier and to the Ontario PC caucus,” said Nicholls. “But under no circumstances will I nor should any Ontarian be forced or coerced to do something against their will. To do so is an affront to the democratic principles of this magnificent institution.”

This is true leadership, standing up for your own rights and the rights of others.

Ford has since removed Nicholls:

“Rick Nicholls, the MPP for Chatham-Kent-Leamington, has been expelled from the Ontario Progressive Conservative caucus after refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19, CTV News has learned.”

Per a statement from Ford’s office, Nicholls will also not be allowed to run for the PC Party:

“From office of Premier @fordnation: “MPP Rick Nicholls has failed to provide a legitimate reason for exemption from vaccination. As a consequence, he is no longer a sitting member of the PC caucus and will not be permitted to seek re-election as a PC candidate.””

This is a complete affront to democracy.

And there’s nothing ‘conservative’ about it.

Ford has clearly decided to abandon any pretense of respecting individual choice or limited government.

But Ford isn’t alone in his continued move towards further and further authoritarianism.

Trudeau’s rampant hypocrisy

To say that Justin Trudeau is a hypocrite would be an immense understatement.

He is the biggest hypocrite we’ve seen in Canadian politics in a long time – perhaps ever.

Not only does he exhibit zero connection between words and deeds, but he almost seems to revel in getting away with immense deception.

In an era in which many people focus only on what politicians claim, rather than what they do, many have fallen for Trudeau’s lies.

The shameless willingness to say literally anything, and to take every position on every issue – regardless of the damage it does to the country and the division it generates – is politically powerful, but incredibly destructive.

When it comes to mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports, not only is Trudeau using the freedoms of Canadians as a political tool to benefit himself, but he is also completely contradicting his own words:

“Trudeau in May: We’re not a country that makes vaccinations mandatory.”

Of course, now that an election is on and Trudeau sees an opportunity to create a wedge issue, that position has changed:

“Justin Trudeau says unless a Canadian is vaccinated or has a medical exception they will not be able to board a plane or train in Canada. There will be no rapid test accommodation.”

To really get a sense of how desperate Trudeau is to politicize the issue and divide Canadians, remember that a few days ago – after he claimed all federal workers would be mandated to get the vaccine – the public service put out a statement claiming that workers who didn’t get the vaccine would be given alternatives – such as daily rapid testing, meaning the actual government policy was similar to what Erin O’Toole had proposed.

Yet, that wasn’t enough for Trudeau, and since he doesn’t give a sh*t about your rights or freedoms, the government took that info down, and they are now pushing the idea that people could be fired if they don’t get vaccinated.

So, we have Trudeau making up policy on the fly, ignoring the constitution, ignoring the rights of Canadians, ignoring the policies of his own government, all with one goal:

Making Canadians angry and divided so he can stay in power.

This is what happens when a country is led by someone who has no sense of values, and no core beliefs: It’s all about short-term electoral benefit, regardless of how much long-term damage it does to the fabric of this nation.

Quite frankly, it’s disgusting to see someone entrusted with the leadership of our nation show such complete disregard for the values upon which that nation is based.

Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford have both become a complete disgrace to this country with their willingness to push a fear-narrative, trample on your rights and freedoms, and turn what is supposed to be a free and democratic nation into an increasingly authoritarian place.

Spencer Fernando


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