Maryam Monsef’s Taliban ‘Our Brothers’ Comment Continues Trudeau Liberal Tradition Of Treating Our Enemies Like Friends

Meanwhile, look at how the Trudeau Liberals talk about Canadian Citizens who differ from their political views.

‘Admiration’ for China’s ‘Basic Dictatorship’.

Praising Fidel Castro as a ‘remarkable leader’.

And now, calling the Taliban ‘our brothers.’

This is a longstanding pattern now from the Trudeau Liberals:

They treat our enemies & opponents like friends.

And it’s about more than just words.

In policies and in actions, the Liberals show a combination of naivety and submissiveness towards those who oppose Canada’s values.

Consider the continued weakness in our approach to China.

Just today, it was revealed that the Trudeau Liberal government gave China a contract to supply a ferry for Marine Atlantic – a Canadian Crown Corporation.

The ship will be built by China Merchants Industry.

Thus, Communist China will profit from our taxpayer dollars, at a time when they are holding two of our Canadian Citizens hostage.

But that’s not even the biggest story of the day when it comes to the Trudeau Liberals lack of Canadian values.

Maryam Monsef calls Taliban “our brothers.”

Here’s what Trudeau Liberal federal minister Maryam Monsef said about the Taliban:

Maryam Monsef just referred to the Taliban as “our brothers”

Notably, Monsef is the minister of women and gender equality, so her submissiveness towards the Taliban is even more appalling.

The worst part of course is that Monsef is calling the Taliban ‘our brothers,’ when they are responsible for killing many Canadian soldiers.

The people Monsef should be calling ‘our brothers’ (and sisters) are those who put on the uniform of this country and sacrificed their lives:

“Hi @MaryamMonsef, Let me introduce you to our brothers and sisters.

Unlike the Taliban, they’re not around anymore to hear your message. But feel free to write to their loved ones.”

Maryam Monsef’s ‘Cultural’ excuse debunked

Monsef has tried to claim that her comments were ‘cultural’ in nature.

First of all, if that was even true, why is Monsef using the wording of another culture when she is representing Canada?

Second, her excuse isn’t even true.

It has been thoroughly debunked, with Afghan-Canadians pushing back:

“As a Canadian who moved to this country as an Afghan refugee, I want to be very clear, there is no cultural context in which calling the Taliban “brothers” is acceptable. Words carry meaning, and meanings imply moral positions.”

Sultani expanded on her point in a Toronto Sun column:

“To call someone “brother” in Afghan culture is to recognize a mutual deep respect for them. It’s an endearing term to recognize a male friend as more than a friend, someone you’d take a bullet for. It is to validate the essence of that person and acknowledge the principles by which they live. The people of Afghanistan do not call the Taliban their “brothers” unless it is the Taliban themselves. To address a terrorist group — one that beheads Hazaras, Shia-Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and many other minority groups — as your “brother” is to turn a blind eye on decades of war crimes committed by the Taliban.”

This is a devastating rebuke of Monsef’s ‘excuse.’

It reveals that Monsef is not only being dishonest when she claims it is a ‘culturally appropriate’ way to word things, but that the only people in Afghanistan who word things that way would be other Taliban members.

Monsef refuses to take it back

Despite her excuse having been fully debunked, Monsef refused to take it back when given the opportunity:

“.@mindingottawa’s Tom Korski asked Maryam Monsef if she wants to take back her “our brothers” comment.

She does not. Instead. she says calling the Taliban “brother” is a cultural reference.”

If only this was a one-off, but it is instead part of a disturbing pattern, as further noted by David Vainqueur:

“Am I shocked? Lol…no. I’m old enough to remember when this very government gave Omar Khadr a $10.5 million payment, on behalf of taxpayers, and an apology.”

How does Trudeau treat Canadians who disagree with him?

So, we’ve seen above how the Liberals treat Communist states, foreign dictators, and brutal people who kill Canadian soldiers.

Keep all of that in your mind, and then watch the following clip:

“If you don’t want to get vaccinated, that’s your choice. But don’t think you can get on a plane or a train beside vaccinated people and put them at risk!”

Look at the anger in his face.

Listen to his voice.

And then ask yourself this:

Have you ever seen Justin Trudeau this angry when talking about the Taliban, or China, or Cuba?

We both know the answer there.

Trudeau saves his anger only for Canadian Citizens who disagree with him.

For those who are too socially conservative.

For those who are too economically conservative.

For those who criticize him from the left.

For those who criticize him from the right.

For people like Jody Wilson-Raybould who can’t be bought off.

For anyone who dares expect him to live up to what he claims to be.

That’s who Trudeau gets angry at:

Canadians who won’t submit to his agenda.

Meanwhile, countries that actively harm Canadians, countries that jail our innocent citizens, countries that are led by ruthless dictators, brutal groups that kill our soldiers, Trudeau has no anger for them.

He never raises his voice talking about them.

His face never contorts into anger or rage talking about them.

He often seems to sympathize with them, and support them.


At this point, Canadians must say with a strong and clear voice that enough is enough.

Enough of Trudeau dividing our nation.

Enough of Trudeau demonizing Canadians who disagree with him.

Enough of Trudeau and his cronies sucking up to brutal regimes and foreign dictators.

Enough of Trudeau treating our enemies far better than he ever treats our fellow Citizens.

And above it all:

Enough of Trudeau!

The other options may be weak, or naïve, or hypocritical. But there is something about Trudeau that is simply too divisive, too dishonest, and too dangerous to allow him to remain in office.

This must be the anti-Trudeau election, where Canadians come together to get Trudeau out of office.

Spencer Fernando

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