A Week Ago, Justin Trudeau Wanted Canadians To Be “Infuriated.” Why Isn’t He Happy That His Wish Came True?

It’s a big lesson in being careful what you wish for.

There is now zero doubt that Justin Trudeau is facing a huge backlash from Canadians for plunging the country into an election.

Despite all the claims and spin he’s put out to justify the election move, it is clear that there is one reason, and one reason only for this election campaign:

Trudeau wants more power.

He was passing whatever he wanted with NDP support, but even that wasn’t enough, since the Opposition has the majority on many committees and were able to demand a smidgen of accountability from Trudeau.

So, Trudeau pushed for an election to get a majority government and avoid being accountable.

He began the election in the most divisive way possible, trying to turn vaccines into a wedge issue by pushing for mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports – after having previously claimed Canada wouldn’t do those things.

Infuriate the nation against his opponents

Justin Trudeau’s strategy in the first two weeks of the campaign became abundantly clear:

Infuriate the nation and direct that rage against Erin O’Toole and against all unvaccinated Canadians.

It was the ultimate US vs THEM tactic, with Trudeau seeking to divide Canadians and make the country more and more angry with each passing day.

Amazingly, Trudeau even admitted it, putting out a Tweet straight up saying that Canadians should be “infuriated”:

“With a kid under 12 who can’t get vaccinated, I’m infuriated by this. You should be too.”

Look at that Tweet again.

See the cynicism of it.

Trudeau uses his kids as a political prop.

He attacks Erin O’Toole – implying O’Toole is putting kids in danger (for having the same position on mandatory vaccines that Trudeau had until the election began).

Then, he tells Canadians they should be ‘infuriated.’

It’s about the most obvious and blatant attempts to demonize an opponent, enrage a country, and direct that rage towards political ‘enemies’ that we’ve seen in Canadian politics.

And it worked.

Just not the way Justin Trudeau expected.

Canadians are indeed infuriated

Justin Trudeau wanted Canadians to be infuriated.

He got his wish.

Except, it turns out Canadians are infuriated by Justin Trudeau himself.

Trudeau has been dogged by protests throughout the country, as enraged Canadians express their opposition to his attempts to divide the nation.

Trudeau’s cynicism and scheme to split the nation has predictably led to a high level of anger, as his divisive political tactics have backfired on him.

It’s the anger and rage Trudeau wanted, except it’s being directed towards him and his campaign, rather than his opponents.

Media pushing Trudeau spin

Unfortunately, the only thing more predictable than Trudeau’s divisive political tactics generating a backlash has been the effort of the establishment media to push Trudeau’s spin in the wake of that backlash.

Much of the media coverage has focused on Trudeau as some kind of victim, as if it’s just a random occurrence that such a divisive political leader has made so many Canadians angry.

Much of the focus has even been on the protestors themselves, with attempts to demonize them and make the issue about how ‘angry they are,’ while ignoring the fact that anger is exactly what Justin Trudeau was trying to create.

Trudeau reversed himself blatantly on key issues of the rights and freedoms of Canadians.

He attempted to demonize millions of Canadians for their health choices.

He told Canadians to be “infuriated.”

He implied his opponent was putting children at risk.

He gave an enraged, divisive speech fearmongering against Canadian Citizens.

He plunged the country into an election just to gain more power.

He dismissed those who disagree with him.

And then, after all of that, the media is ‘shocked’ that people are angry?

Establishment media needs Trudeau’s taxpayer-funded bailouts

Here is where we come to a very disturbing and dangerous realization:

Since the establishment press has a financial interest in keeping Trudeau in power, they also have an interest in framing opposition to Trudeau as negatively as possible, and make him appear to be a victim.

The Conservatives have said they will eliminate the $650 million taxpayer-funded media bailout brought in by Trudeau, and a Conservative win would also likely result in less funding for the CBC.

Thus, the framing of issues will be whatever is most conducive to keeping Trudeau and the Liberals on top.

You can already see this in the fact that media institutions aren’t bringing up Trudeau’s Tweet calling on Canadians to be ‘infuriated.’

That should be included in every clip of protestors and anger towards Trudeau, since it is the essential context to what is taking place.

Trudeau deliberately stoked anger, rage, and division in Canada, and some of that is now blowing back on his campaign.

To avoid that context, and to act as if Trudeau is simply responding to some random outpouring of anger is absurd, and is completely misinforming the public.

This is also why independent media is so important. Trudeau would find it much easier to get away with all of his lies if he only had to convince the establishment press, but with independent media pushing back the truth has a fighting chance this time.

Let Trudeau spread his BS, then crush him at the polls

At the end of the day, Trudeau is responsible for the political environment Canada now finds ourselves in.

He spread anger.

He spread division.

He stoked rage.

And now, the nation is angry, full of rage, and deeply divided.

For those of us who want Trudeau out of office, it is essential that we be better than him.

He wants us to hate each other.

He wants us to turn against each other.

He thinks that the less Canada is unified, the more power he will have, which is why a unified Canada is what he fears most.

The fact is, Trudeau was dropping in the polls from the beginning of this election, because his lack of sincerity, obvious lust for power, and willingness to divide Canadians has become more and more apparent.

So, let him hold his campaign rallies.

Let him spread his dishonest and divisive message.

As he does so, continue to speak to those around you and point out his lies. Point out how he is trying to weaken and divide the country for his own selfish benefit.

And most importantly, get out to vote, and crush him and the Liberals at the polls.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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