Had Enough Of Trudeau’s Sickening Hypocrisy Yet?

All Canadians should unite to completely punish the Trudeau Liberals at the polls.

There’s hypocrisy in all parties and all politicians.

Indeed, hypocrisy and politics go hand in hand.

But there’s hypocrisy, and then there’s HYPOCRISY.

A sick, in your-face, absolutely disgusting level of hypocrisy that is insulting to all of us.

And that’s what Justin Trudeau has become.


Justin Trudeau has built a big portion of his political brand on being a ‘feminist.’

It’s paid off for him, as the Liberals regularly do far better among female voters than they do among men.

In part, this due to the general trend of women leaning to the left, and men leaning to the right (a trend seen in most democracies to a lesser or greater extent).

However, Trudeau has sought to deepen that trend by casting himself as a ‘progressive feminist’ leader.

Further, he has sought to use his ‘feminist’ label as a divisive political identity, claiming his opponents are the opposite of him, and attacking them on issues he thought would cost them the support of women.

Zero Tolerance?

A few years ago, Justin Trudeau made a huge deal in saying he had ‘zero tolerance’ for sexual harassment.

Of course, he gave himself a pass when questions were raised about his past, showing again how he felt the rules didn’t apply to him.

And now, it appears he’s extending that pass to his Liberal candidates.

In a truly disturbing story, Justin Trudeau continues to support candidate Raj Saini, even though there are multiple claims he harassed Liberal staffers.

While I usually wouldn’t quote CBC, since we all are forced to pay for their content, I’ll quote their story on Saini to point out how truly hypocritical Justin Trudeau is:

“The Liberal Party has given southwestern Ontario candidate Raj Saini the green light to seek re-election for his third term as an MP despite a series of allegations of inappropriate behaviour toward young female staffers that spanned his six years in office, CBC News has learned.

Seven sources with knowledge of the claims described four different cases where Saini allegedly made unwanted sexual advances or inappropriate comments. Saini said he has never acted inappropriately toward staff.

A former senior staffer who filed a Canadian Human Rights Commission complaint against Saini last year alleging unwelcome advances and harassing behaviour said it’s upsetting the party is allowing Saini to campaign again under the Liberal banner in Kitchener Centre. The staffer said her experience in Saini’s office contributed to her mental distress, and she eventually tried to take her own life in his office in March 2020.

“That’s pretty devastating to me, knowing what I have gone through and that I’ve raised concerns over the last more than year and a half,” said the former senior staffer. “It’s disturbing to me…. It’s also concerning to me that it could continue to happen to other people.””

How absolutely disgusting and hypocritical can you get?

Trudeau calls himself a ‘feminist,’ claims ‘zero-tolerance,’ and attacks his opponents as anti-women, while he stands by a candidate who had a staffer in so much mental distress that she tried to kill herself.

How can anyone support Trudeau at this point?

How can anyone not see his disgusting hypocrisy?

Trudeau is nearing an almost psychopathic level of hypocrisy.

There is literally no connection between his actions and his words.

And if his party hadn’t been turned into cult of personality, his hypocrisy would already have brought his time in power to an end.

Yet, much of the establishment media is still beholden to him, and a sad number of Canadians have been duped by his dishonesty.

Along those lines, as Trudeau released his campaign platform, he announced he would give even more money to CBC, with another $100 million taxpayer dollars more per year going to the state run network. Thus, aside from the rare stories above where CBC holds Trudeau accountable, we can expect them – and much of the rest of the taxpayer-funding dependent media – to shade coverage back towards Trudeau no matter how bad the backlash against him is.

Thus, the election is still close, and will likely remain close, so it is up to the Canadian People (including Liberal supporters who need to wake up to who Trudeau really is) to pass clear judgement on the sick hypocrisy of the Trudeau Liberals.


“CBC is reporting they have verified that one of the complaining staffers tried to take her own life in that MPs office in 2020. The handling of this by the Liberal Party is utterly shameful.”

“Utterly shameful” is correct.

And, as Jody Wilson-Raybould pointed out, people shouldn’t be surprised at this point:

“Anyone who has a responsibility to address this and does not is not fit to lead. Anyone who stands by and does nothing is complicit. Anyone who is surprised has not been paying attention.”

Even Liberal supporters are outraged by how Trudeau & the Liberal party is handling this:

“As a Liberal, a former staffer to the Trudeau govt & a staunch believer in protecting women against ppl like Raj I am beyond disappointed by how the PMO & party has handled this. The PM’s response is victim blaming & is unacceptable. I’m embarrassed of my team today. #ibelieveher”

Yet, those in the Trudeau cabinet continue to push the cult of personality.

Consider the Tweet below by Patty Hajdu, claiming Jagmeet Singh has a problem with integrity:

“Jagmeet is talking a lot about integrity. Where is his? Voters need leaders they can trust, and that includes honesty.”



Does Patty Hajdu realize what government she is a part of?

Does she realize that Justin Trudeau is the least trusted leader in the country, and that he is rampantly dishonest?

Does she realize how pathetic and hypocritical she looks when she talks about “honesty” and “trust” as she does the bidding of Justin Trudeau’s divisive, dangerous, and disgusting campaign to stay in power?

Or, like much of the once-proud Liberal Party, does she simply no longer care, having sold her values and principles away in the pursuit of power?

Whatever the Liberal Party once was, it is now nothing but a personality cult built around Justin Trudeau’s sickening and disgusting hypocrisy, and for that reason – among many others – the Liberals must be completely punished at the polls.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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