WATCH: Justin Trudeau Seems To Be Experiencing Real Journalism Differently

Notice his barely concealed rage at facing the kind of questions every other politician gets everyday.

The meme about ‘male feminists’ is often quite relevant for Canadian politics.

The more a man talks about how much of a feminist they are, the more they are likely playing a fake role for political or cultural gain.

Justin Trudeau is the perfect example of that.

The guy goes so desperately out of his way to call himself a ‘feminist,’ talk about the ‘she-cession,’ claims the budget is a ‘feminist budget,’ and more.

Being a ‘feminist,’ and being someone who ‘supports women’ is a huge part of Justin Trudeau’s political identity and brand.

It’s also, as we know very well, completely fake.

It’s another costume for Trudeau, and we know he loves costumes.

Rage beneath the feminist veneer

There’s something called ‘micro-expressions,’ and they are quite ‘interesting’ in the case of Justin Trudeau.

Not to be confused with ‘micro-aggressions,’ ‘micro-expressions’ are instances where someone’s true feelings show on their face for a very quick moment, and are then rapidly replaced with the mask or veneer that individual wants to present.

Micro-expressions are often something we don’t consciously pick up on in the moment, but you get a certain ‘feeling’ when someone’s expressions don’t quite match the impression they are trying to make.

And with that in mind, I invite you to take a look at the following clip:

“Life on the LPC comms team must include a lot of clutching one’s chest and saying “Oh dear God no, he just didn’t…””

Look at how angry Trudeau is just under the surface there, and how he tries to hide it with a fake ‘happy face’ and smile.

That’s the look of someone who isn’t used to being challenged or questioned, and who expects everyone to treat him as if he is above others.

And, similar to how he responded to criticism from Green leader Annamie Paul during the debate, notice how Trudeau quickly shifts into condescending mode.

Credit to reporter Neetu Garcha, who did a great job by not letting Trudeau talk his away around the issue. The fact that this is so surprising, and that Trudeau is so shocked by real journalism is in many ways an indictment of journalism over his time in office, as he’s all too often gotten such soft treatment from the establishment press.

Just imagine how angry Trudeau would be all the time if he faced the kind of hostile press the CPC or PPC gets on a regular basis…

Trudeau’s rising level of anger is so obvious that even the establishment press has to notice it:

“Two CBC reporters questioned Trudeau today on his slipping self-control — losing his temper, cutting off reporters, mansplaining tv interviewers on proper technique, etc.

When questioned about his “I have a thick skin” response, he testily references his climate change platform”

Trudeau was also earlier questioned on what responsibility he faces for the rising level of hate, anger, and division in Canada:

Dishonest & Divisive

By this point, all Canadians should be able to see that Justin Trudeau’s ‘feminism’ and ‘sunny ways’ image is a façade, and that when the mask drops it reveals an angry, entitled, divisive, and hateful ‘leader’ who cares only about his own power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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