My Thoughts On The Election

More detailed writing will follow, but here are my initial comments on the election campaign.

My thoughts on the election:

1) What a fucking waste of time and money.

2) Trudeau should take a walk in the snow.

3) Erin O’Toole flipped on carbon tax and played into the Liberal world-view on almost every issue. Result? Nearly identical to what Scheer got.

4) Linked to point 4, O’Toole decided to rebrand the party (as same Liberal-lite he accused MacKay of planning) while distancing from conservatism. Then, in final days he complained about vote-splitting. Failed strategy.

5) PPC is now an important force in Canada.

6) CPC needs to offer actual ‘conservatism’ to the country. Continued move left defeats the purpose of having a party with the name ‘conservative’ and disenfranchises millions of Canadians. Failing that, more will go to the PPC.

Spencer Fernando