Vaccine Mandates Will Further Weaken Our Healthcare System

This is simultaneously a dumb & clever move by the politicians. Dumb, because it weakens the system, clever because it will keep the atmosphere of fear and crisis going on even longer.

As our freedoms were increasingly constrained over the past year and a half, the main ‘justification’ given by power-hungry politicians was that this had to be done to ‘save the healthcare system from collapsing.’

Many Canadians took the politicians at their word, and continue to do so, despite the rampant hypocrisy and inconsistency our leaders have shown.

Unfortunately, it seems many people would rather deny that they are being lied to by those in charge than admit the truth.

But now, even those who still believe what the politicians are saying would find it nearly impossible to explain why they are taking a deliberate action that will severely weaken healthcare systems across the nation.

Vaccine mandates.

Across the country, provinces are requiring doctors and nurses to be double-vaccinated.

Even though many of those individuals have already had covid & recovered, and even though they have access to PPE & rapid testing, governments are pushing for vaccine mandates.

And they aren’t just asking nicely.

They are imposing those mandates by threatening to fire healthcare workers who don’t comply.

That’s right.

The same people who have been endlessly prattling on about how their restriction of freedom is justified so we can save the healthcare system are planning to strip that healthcare system of potentially thousands of needed workers.

It boggles the mind.

Who has the power?

Power is an interesting thing.

To a certain extent, it is based on real, tangible things.

Governments have power, for example, because they have control over money, and people with guns.

The government controls our money supply, they control massive budgets, and they have the legal monopoly on force.

At a deeper level however, the government only has power because we accept that they have power.

Often, pushback against authoritarian government actions begins not with any dramatic event, but with a subtle shift in the minds of millions of people, who stop accepting the authority of those in power.

That often snowballs into a situation where the government is revealed as far less powerful than they previously appeared, and in some cases, that power evaporates entirely.


To an extent, that is starting to happen in Quebec.

Quebec had imposed an October 15 deadline for all healthcare workers to be double-vaccinated.

The government repeatedly said the deadline wouldn’t be pushed back.

So, what happened today?

The deadline was pushed back.

Healthcare workers now have until November 15th to get two vaccinations.

In short, the Quebec government bluffed, and their bluff was called big time:

“Admitting that losing thousands of workers due to the vaccine mandate will cause Quebec to “run into a wall,” the minister said workers in the health-care network will now have until Nov. 15 to get their two shots to avoid being suspended without pay.”

Quebec Health Minister Christian Dube had this to say:

“Giving yourself a 30-day deadline is, therefore, reasonable and appropriate in the circumstances.

And I have a last message for health-care workers who are not vaccinated yet: we are reaching out to you, and we sincerely hope that you will take this offer.

Please do it for yourself, for your loved ones. Otherwise, please do it for your colleagues, because they really need you.”

Note the manipulative language in that statement.

Quebec isn’t making an ‘offer.’

They are making a threat:

Comply, or lose you job.

But let’s look at this even more, and consider what it means.

The most amazing thing here is that the Quebec health minister admitted that the imposition of the vaccine mandate could cause the province to lose thousands of healthcare workers.

Here’s the thing:

If the Quebec government really feels that mandating vaccination is so important to saving lives, then why would they be worried about losing healthcare workers?

Surely the loss of unvaccinated workers is still ‘worth it’ given all the ‘lives it would save,’ right?

And if they don’t believe that, if they actually realize that losing all those workers would cripple the system and that it would be far better to have more healthcare workers on the job (whether vaccinated or not), then why are they imposing the vaccine mandate in the first place?

The decision to threaten the livelihoods of Quebec healthcare workers makes no logical sense.

Sadly, it does make political sense.

Maintaining the feeling of crisis

At the outset of this article, I noted how the choice politicians are making to impose vaccine mandates on healthcare workers is both dumb and clever.

It’s dumb from a logical perspective.

But politically, it will help maintain the narrative of fear & division that so many are now addicted to.

“Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers” can now be added to the list of people that it’s acceptable to direct anger and vitriol towards, which just so happens to spare our failed ‘leaders’ and ignores places like the Wuhan Lab.

Further, the more the healthcare system is weakened, the more those in power can continue to ‘justify’ restrictions on our rights and freedoms, maintaining the feeling of crisis that has enabled their expanding power grabs.

I’m not sure if any of this is truly conscious on the part of those in power, or whether their minds have been so dramatically altered by the immense power they’re wielding that expanding the crisis is no simply second nature for them.

Regardless, you can see what’s happening here:

Every time there is any sense of returning to ‘normal,’ a new variable is added to further the crisis and keep people locked into a fearful mindset.

None of this is necessary

The most surreal thing about all of this is that as we watch these authoritarian decisions be made over and over again here in Canada, we can see other parts of the world where things are much more free and open.

In most of the US, in Scandinavia, and quite frankly in much of the rest of the world, there are fewer restrictions, fewer mandates, and more common-sense than there is here in Canada.

Thus, the first step towards pushing back against this insanity is to realize that the compliant, submissive nature of many Canadians is being manipulated by those in power, and for our country to grow up and realize that submitting to fear narratives will bring nothing but authoritarianism and the loss of what it means to be Canadian.

Spencer Fernando

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