Independent Media Has Become The Real Opposition To The Government

With the main opposition party torn between actually being Conservative or embracing the Liberal worldview, the defense of free speech, individual rights, and smaller government is being led by Independent Media in Canada.

Justin Trudeau is imposing a draconian vaccine mandate & vaccine passport on our nation.

Reuters called it one of the strictest mandates in the world:

“Canada will place unvaccinated federal employees on unpaid leave and require COVID-19 shots for air, train and ship passengers, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Wednesday, as he unveiled one of the world’s strictest vaccine mandate policies.

Federal employees will be required to declare their full vaccination status through an online portal by Oct. 29. Workers and passengers age 12 and older on trains, planes and marine transport operating domestically – which are federally regulated – must show they have been inoculated by Oct. 30.”

Consider that for a moment.

“One of the world’s strictest vaccine mandate policies.”

In a world full of authoritarian states, including Communist regimes & military dictatorships, Canada stands out for having one of the strictest policies.

That itself is disturbing.

Just as disturbing however is the muted opposition to Trudeau’s draconian mandate.

The ‘official opposition’ still seem unsure whether they support it or not:

“Conservative MP Michael Chong says the party is still studying the government’s new mandatory vaccine policy before taking a position on the issue.

In an interview on CTV’s Question Period airing Sunday, Chong said the measure, announced last week, which requires “core” federal public servants to attest to being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by Oct. 29, is vast and requires thorough review.

“It’s a sweeping announcement. It encompasses not just the federal public service but federally regulated workplaces, federally regulated sectors and encompasses travellers both domestic and international. And so we’re still studying the details of that proposal before we come to a conclusion,” he said.”

Looking at both Chong’s & O’Toole’s Twitter accounts indicates the party has not issued any strong opposition to Trudeau’s mandate.

Thus, Canadians will be subjected to one of the most authoritarian vaccine mandate policies, while the ‘conservative’ opposition gives tacit approval to that action through their weak response.

Opposition to the Liberal worldview?

The worldview expressed by Justin Trudeau, the Liberal Party, the NDP, and much of the establishment media can be summed up this way:

Government is good.

Individual freedom is dangerous.

Canadians must feel guilty for the past.

We must restrict our own wealth and economic growth to ‘save the planet.’

Restricting freedom is justified in the name of ‘safety.’

Higher immigration is always good.

Free speech should be limited and reduced.

Demonizing law-abiding gun owners is preferable to focusing on gangs.

Higher government spending is good.

Debt & deficits are no concern.

People of course have the right to hold those opinions.

But in a truly democratic nation, you would expect there to be a large opposition party that stands in stark relief to those viewpoints.

That’s supposed to be the Conservative Party of Canada.

However, with the party embroiled in a civil war, and with their present leader moving them in a leftward direction, they have been unable to articulate a strong alternative.

Consider that the CPC has mimicked much of Trudeau’s politically-correct language, mimicking his overall economic approach, embraced carbon taxes, embraced higher levels of spending, and shifted on other issues – like guns – to move even closer to the Liberal position.

For example, on the carbon tax, Canadians had a ‘choice’ between keeping the Liberal carbon tax or getting the ‘Conservative carbon tax,’ which would have taken your money and put it into an account you could only use to make state-approved purchases. Both policies reject individual initiative and financial freedom, and instead let politicians tell you what you can spend your money on/forcibly take it away from you. Neither is compatible with the idea of a free country.

This has left Canada without a true opposition – at least in the traditional understanding of the term as it relates to our political system.

However, just because the CPC (with exceptions among individual MP’s like Pierre Poilievre and others) has largely abandoned the role of being a true opposition to the Liberal/statist worldview, doesn’t mean that there is no opposition.

In the 2021 campaign, the only party to increase their raw vote share was the PPC led by Maxime Bernier, the party most clearly expressing opposition to the direction the Liberals are taking the country.

And even before the election, independent media like, The Rebel, True North, Blacklock’s Reporter, The Post Millennial, The Western Standard, The National Telegraph, and more have been rapidly growing in popularity and influence.

As a result, Independent Media has become the true opposition to the government.

Through original reporting, opinion, and a large social media following, independent media outlets have amplified voices that are opposing the statist, authoritarian direction of this country.

Additionally, organizations like the National Citizens Coalition & The Canadian Constitution Foundation have been strong voices defending Canada’s core values of Individual Rights & Freedoms, even as those values are assaulted by governments of all political stripes.

Opposition will continue

While many politicians and the elitist media/political class would like to see all opposition disappear, they aren’t going to get their wish.

Canada is a nation with a long history of defending freedom, and that cannot be erased.

Even if the main opposition party gives up the fight, Canadians like us will continue to push back against statism and authoritarianism.

While the public may be locked into a fear-based mindset that is conducive to expanded government power, that will not last forever.

Further, while central banks and governments continue to pursue ‘Modern Monetary Theory,’ and debase our currency, demand for sound money and fiscal responsibility will return as people see the growing consequences of all this profligacy.

Those of us who hold true to our values and principles, and continue to stand up for common-sense will inevitably be the leaders who are called upon to clean up the mess left by those who have given in to fear and attempted to evade reality.

This is why Independent Media is so essential in Canada: It is the strongest bulwark against the statist onslaught, and will help hasten the moment at which Canada returns to some semblance of common-sense governance and leadership.

Spencer Fernando


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