To Enhance Our Standard Of Living, Citizens Will Increasingly Need To Bypass ‘Our’ Governments

It is essential for Canadians to understand this.

Years of what could charitably be called ‘influencing,’ and more honestly called indoctrination, has led many Canadians to believe that their governments are seeking to help improve their lives.

This belief is drilled into many people, and has a kernel of truth to it.

After all, our government is supposed to – in theory – represent us.

Of course, this has been completely twisted around.

Due to the immense power of leaders in centralized political parties, and due to the narrowing realm of ‘acceptable’ debate in Canada, our political leaders now represent the interests of their party leaders, rather than representing most Canadians.

This is a key reason why more and more Canadians are disconnected from Canada’s main political parties, as evidenced by both the drop in voter turnout, and in the overall declining vote share for the largest parties.

As we know, the Liberals have now formed government with the weakest two popular vote totals for a ‘winning’ party.

But of course, this also means the Conservatives have lost to a deeply unpopular party, and are thus unpopular themselves.

The deepening division and cynicism in Canada is also related to this.

The more people feel that politicians are failing to represent us, the more people will lose faith in the entire political system.

That process has been put into overdrive during the past year and a half, with constant reversals, restrictions on freedom, hypocrisy (politicians failing to follow the rules they forced everyone else to follow), and an embrace of increasingly authoritarian governance.

Rather than seeing government as something that has emerged from the people to represent the people, many Canadians now rightfully see the government as a force that imposes upon and often oppresses individuals who don’t adhere to the ever-changing whims of those in power.

But many have still not woken up to this fact.

And, unfortunately, governments are only going further and further in the direction of authoritarian.

Our standard of living

As we know, the maintenance of a crisis narrative also means the maintenance of government power.

A scared public, and a public that feels itself to be in the middle of a crisis is a public that will put up with restrictions on freedom that wouldn’t otherwise be acceptable.

We have watched people accept – and often support – the demonization of their fellow citizens.

We have watched people accept their curtailed freedoms.

Having watched this happen, governments will try to extend the crisis feeling to the issue of climate change, and use that to justify expanded government control.

And that expanded government control will be used to target, and reduce our standard of living.

An adversarial relationship

With many Canadian politicians now seized with the dangerous utopian idea that they can save the world by restricting the current and future prosperity of Canadians, much of our political system now has an adversarial relationship with the financial interests of our citizens.

Rather than take pride in the fact that Canada has been a prosperous nation, and is capable of even greater prosperity, many of our leaders have instead embraced a guilt-based narrative, where our entire past, our values, and our principles are seen as nothing but an evil ‘colonial’ legacy.

That attitude then gets transferred into Canada’s relationship with other nations.

In that line of thinking, since Canada is more prosperous than many other nations, we are supposed to feel bad about that, hold ourselves back, restrict our wealth, and give our money away.

It’s an age-old statist narrative, simply repackaged as being about ‘climate change.’

Ratcheting down

Rather than looking at any singular event or policy, it’s important to look at the direction of policy.

Slowly but surely, those in power are seeking to ratchet down our standard of living.

Higher taxes.

Higher inflation.

Restrictions on our energy sector.

Government programs that are designed to make it easier for some not to work.

Expanding the size of government itself, making more people directly reliant upon being paid directly by the state, thus also more willing to enact and support policies that hurt the interests of other Canadians while being insulated from those policies themselves.

Outsourcing more and more of our sovereignty to centralized international institutions over which Canadians have no control.

Decentralization & bypassing the government

Governments only have power because of individuals.

When individuals seek to bypass the government – even if only on a mental level initially – government power begins to fade.

By playing a different ‘game’ than what the government plays, citizens can begin to reclaim their own power and authority.

So, how can we promote decentralization?

First – and of course this is not to be taken as investment advice – embracing cryptocurrency (particularly Bitcoin) can provide a counterweight to government dominance. Money that is private, that isn’t centrally controlled, and can’t be controlled by politicians is a way for people to help preserve value, and convert fiat currency into something that isn’t at the whim of our corrupt leaders.

Second, I would encourage you to build your own mailing lists. Even if it is just a few people you may interact with on Facebook or Twitter, you could always lose those contacts if a social network kicks you off. By contacting them and asking for their email address, you can build a growing network of like-minded people that is secure from outside influence.

Third, stockpiling resources – even a few months worth of food and other necessities – would be wise if possible, given that inflation, ‘modern monetary theory,’ and disastrous economic policy are making life less and less predictable.

And fourth, continue to try and speak with those around you, particularly those who are still putting all their faith in government power. As more and more people wake up to how those in power are trying to weaken our standard of living and restrict our freedoms, those who have been standing up in favour of decentralization and the power of the individual will be seen as leaders.

Everything in society moves in a cycle, and while authoritarianism and submission to state power are in the ascendancy, the seeds of pushback and reversal have already been planted. It’s up to us to make those seeds grow.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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